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What is Sponsorship?

A sponsor is an individual, company, or organization that invests advertising money in web sites that furthers their interests or speaks to their audience. By becoming a sponsor of the Vizsla Home Page site you allow us to continue to provide this site and its information to a world-wide audience of Vizsla owners.

If you sponsor us, a graphic banner is placed on a specific page to let the international community of Vizsla owners know that you or your company or organization has made a commitment to support the only site on the Internet dedicated to becoming the world wide web's encyclopedia on the Vizsla.

Cost for sponsorship?

Since we are a non-profit organization, we are asking for donations of a size that would cover the annual costs of hosting this site. For your sponsorship that provides a banner on the page we recommend a donation of $250 per year. For your sponsorship that will provide a banner on the Vizsla Home Page: $150 per year.


Here is what a sponsorship banner looks like. It is clickable and will automatically send the browser to your web site or to a page we've created for you.

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