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Cooking Game Your Dog Hunts

Our Vizslas love to hunt and their obvious specialty focuses on birds. In this day and age to go out and kill a living thing for a sport is up for debate. But killing for food is easier to accept among many circles. To assist the idea that hunting is killing for food (and to encourage hunters and others to actually eat what they shoot), we are listing some recipe books that come recommended from fellow hunters, along with some favorite and tasty recipies for cooking those birds your dog loves to hunt. We will update and change these recipes as we receive recommendations. Enjoy.

Recipe Books Recommended

The L.L. Bean Game and Fish Cookbook by Angus Cameron and Judith Jones: A very good book with lots of recipes though many are very "fancy".

From Duck Country by Ducks Unlimited: Not a bad book, mainly a collection of recipes for ducks, geese, and game birds.

Dressing and Cooking Wild Game from the Hunting and Fishing Library, distributed by Prentice Hall Press: This is the one book to have. It is excellent!! Good recipes and even tips on how to handle the game from the time it is shot until it is in the freezer. Hard to find a recipe in this book that you won't like.

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Old Fashioned Pheasants (recipe at end of article)


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