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Advice on Vizsla Puppies

(from all of us who've had Vizsla pups ~ but please don't take our word on things,
check with your local trainer, veterinary, or breeder before taking any advise offered here )

Vizsla Puppies Information
What Age is Best by Jenny Peacocke
Information for Prospective First-Time Vizsla Owners
by Mary K. Chelton
Just a Pet by Jenny Peacocke
Pick a Pup By Becky Smith

Good Dog -- Show Dog Is There A Difference by Bill Garnett
Pound Puppies by Janet Wallace
Pet Shop Puppies by Susan Mulley
Puppy Adolescence by Wanda Berner
Adolescence by Lu Hart

If a puppy is too much for you, please consider a Rescue Dog
The Rewards of Rescue and Adoption by Lisa Clowdus
Adopting an "OLDER" Vizsla by Jane Mellott
Adopt A Rescue (author unknown)

General Internet Resources
Dr. P's Dog Training:
A virtual library of info about dog training & behavior. This is a noncommercial site sponsored by the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point.

Photographic Journey of Puppyhood
Pictures of a Vizsla Birth
Pictures of the first weeks

Selecting a Breeder/Buying a Puppy

Chart of responsible Vs Backyard Breeders Copyright © 1999 Victoria Rose, PO Box 4816, Auburn, CA 95604;
The Backyard Breeders' and Puppy Millers' Big Book of Old Excuses
by Denna Pace
Tips For Buying a New Puppy by the United Kennel Club.
Questions to Ask Breeders before Buying a Puppy by: Allan Strachan, Vicki L May, Linda Promaulayko, And Donna Patterson.
Responsible Breeders , by Gulf Coast Vizsla Club
Why Let A Breeder Choose Your Puppy by Becky Smith
Evaluating a Breeder by Kate McConnick

Caution: Puppy Mills
How to Stop a Puppy Mill
Puppy Mills by Mark Greenblatt
Puppy Mills, by Mary K. Chelton
Puppy Mill Rescue
Puppy Mill Fighters
No Puppy Mills Canada
Stop Puppy Mills
The Truth About Puppy Mills has a letter to send to AKC against registering puppy mill dogs
Pet Stores and Puppy Mills has an action alert page
Puppy Mills
Help Stop Puppy Mills - Now!
Puppy Mills

Preparing a Home for a Puppy
Puppy's First Night compiled by Patty Mead
Cleaning Carpets by Lisa Clowdus, Vizsla Listserv Members & Browsers

Crate & House Training
Comments on Crating by Lu Hart
House Training by Karen Miller

Puppy Biting
Puppy Biting, Part 2 by Dee Chuisano
Managing Puppy Biting by Dee Chuisano

Initial Socialization &
Puppy Socialization, Part 1, by Patty Mead
Puppy Socialization, Part 2, by Patty Mead
Puppy Socialization, Part 3, by Patty Mead
Excusing Bad Behavior by Patty Mead
Owner Education: Training Puppies in Obedience compiled by Patty Mead
Teaching the "Come" Command by Joyce Clark
Clicker Training the "Off" Command by Chris Samuelian-Babiarz
Correcting Leashpulling , by Patty Mead
Correcting Leashpulling, part 2 , by Marcia Schlesinger
Puppy Training by Grisha Stewart

Medical Information
Puppy's Health Care, compiled by Patty Mead
Introduction to Microchip Id for Dogs by Patty Mead
Protecting Your Pet with a Tattoo by JoAnne Talamo
This Tail Docking Discussion, And What It Means To You by  Steve Peacocke
See Vizslahome pages HEALTH section.


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