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Week of Agusut 1, 2008

Updated Vizsla Mall home page to reflect ongoing Avon Fundraiser.

Week of April 1, 2008

Added Pebbles' Story by Linda Promaulayko to Health page
Added the Best Place to Bury A Dog to Articles
Added Rainbow Bridge to Articles
Added Between Two Breaths by Lu Hart to new Mourning section in Articles
Added I Am Your Dog to Articles
Added Hunting – an ancient tradition and way of life – is it going to become extinct? to Articles
Updated Vaccine Protocol link on the Health pages
Added 1928 Vizsla Breed Standard to Articles

Week of 1, January, 2008

Added Puppy Training by Grisha Stewart to the Articles and Puppy Info pages

Week of 17 December 2007

  • Added article about arthritis under Health
  • Added Between Two Breaths by Lu Hart to Articles
  • Added My True Story ofLosing My Vizsla by Gabor to Articles
  • Updated Judy Hetkowski's state in Profiles
  • Evaluating a Pet Dog Breeder by Kate McConnick added to Articles and Puppy pages
  • Added Avon Fundraiser to VizslaMall

Week of 2 October 2007

  • Article on Foxtails Conta Costa County Guide Dog Raisers by Patty Mead added to the Health page under Parasites, Plants & Poisons

Week of 25 July 2007

  • Photos of a Vizsla Caesarian Section have been added to the Health page under "Vizsla Specific"


Week of 31 May 2007

  • The Vizsla Home Page has fallen victim to heavy work load, busy personal lives, and the work required to create the non-profit Vizsladogs, Ltd which is the main name that both the Vizsla Home Page and the Vizsla Rescue Haven fall under. But things have improved lately. Our new web master Michel Berner successfully moved the entire site to a new and less expensive ISP. Now we will be able to make more regular updates with her help. This week we have added “Comparisons of US, Australian, and UK Vizsla Standards” under Conformation in the Articles section. Also we have added a Vizsla in advertising under the Humour section.

Week of 16 September 2006

  • RESCUE - Lost: "Could you post this on your website? I just found your contact information. We have posted this information on a number of websites, but I want to try one more time. I don't want to give up, yet! Our Vizsla, Opie, disappeared from my parent's home on the morning of July 5, 2006. My husband took him with him to my parent's farm, located 6 miles from our home. Opie has gone there many times and knows his directions from there to our home. We reside in Holyoke, Colorado and he disappeared from 45028 County Road 12, 8 miles from Holyoke. Opie's home address is 12626 County Road 55 Holyoke, CO 80734. We still have not found him and, even after all of this time, we are hopeful that someone knows something about his whereabouts. We believe that someone picked him up. If he had been hit by a vehicle, we would have found his body somewhere. We have driven every road for miles around my parent's and our homes. He was wearing a blue collar with his name and our phone number embroidered on it. Opie has a small scar above his left eye. He is neutered, trained and a wonderful friend. We miss him so much, even after all of this time!"

Week of 14 August 2006

  • HEALTH: Thanks to Mike we corrected a link that references the problems with Ceder

Week of 10 July 2006

  • RESCUE: Many links were corrected not only in the Rescue area but throughout the site.

Week of 8 May 2006

  • RESCUE: I just ran across your website. I am reporting a lost Vizsla and was hoping you could post it on your website. He is a  2 yr old male (fixed), his name is Cedar, and I am sooo bummed. I just moved to Oahu, my job transferred me from Breckenridge , Colorado . I moved here Jan 1. I just recently went back to Colorado to pick up Cedar, by boyfriend was watching him until the 120 quarantine period was over, and after my first 3 days in Colorado, reunited with my baby he disappeared. It was the Sat before Easter Sunday, April 15, 2006. I am so torn. He disappeared from Blue River Colorado which is about 10 miles S of Breck. He does have a microchip, but he did not have tags. He had a black collar. His tags were found in the driveway about 2 days after his disappearance. I have signs posted all over town, missing reports at all the local shelters, and vets. If anyone has any infromation, I would really like my baby back. My number is 970-389-6958. I attached a picture too... Thank you for the help. Kristen

Week of 6 February 2006

  • The web site is taking more time than we thought to catch up with everything -- we are still going through the whole site to clean up broken links, fix pages, and change names from Ingle & Mead to Vizsladogs, Inc. Thanks to Lisa we also found way too many Viszla instead of Vizsla!
  • On the Donate page we now have a PayPal button to allow you to donate via plastic or via check.
  • Expect more changes as time permits. We have a lot of web pages and information on this site; while we are trying to keep up with changes (such as club details, profiles, etc) most of the time is still involved with cleanup and changes.

Week of 28 November 2005

  • The Vizsla Home Page is now part of Vizsladogs, Ltd., a non-profit organization. Over the next two months (November - Feburary) we will be redoing the website to remove Ingle & Mead Vizsladogs. references and install the Vizsladogs, Ltd. name. We will not be listing all of the changes here for they will be too numerous to mention, but will try to keep up with additions while we make our changes. If you would like to help please consider sending us donations made out to Vizsladogs, Ltd. and mailing them to Kay Ingle who is the President of the Board for this new organization. Go here for information: DONATIONS

Week of 26 September 2005

Week of 22 August 2005

  • PUPPY: Added a Chart of responsible Vs Backyard Breeders (Copyright © 1999 Victoria Rose, PO Box 4816, Auburn, CA 95604; ) under selecting a breeder and buying a puppy. What Age is Best by Jenny Peacocke
  • ARTICLES: Added Hector and Pork Chops by Jane Shong Toadvin to the ever growing Hector saga under Misc.What Age is Best by Jenny Peacocke under Puppies. Added Zack “the Miracle Man” By Gael Johnson.
  • CLUBS: Udpated the link to Virgina's Old Dominion Vizsla Club.
  • MISC: Here is a site to help pronouce Hungarian names.
  • MERIT: Corrected some errors on the Hall of Fame page and the National Specialty Obedience - High in Trial page. Added some more pictures to the Hall of Fame listing.
  • HISTORY: Meghan Tallman sent a clipping from: "The Observers Book of Dogs" by Clifford L. B. Hubbard Frederick Warne & Co., Ltd., London and New York (page 153), regarding the Vizsla, Hungarian Pointer, Yellow Pointer.
  • VIZSLA: Someone wrote us to let us know that we mispelled a word on the page -- thanks for letting us know because when we checked we actually made spelling errors on a few words.
  • RESCUE: Louie is a mixed Vizsla whose owner can no longer take care of him. He is a good boy - typical teenager. He is about 1yo, sleeps inside next to your bed, is housebroken. He is good with kids, other dogs, is leash trained and is neutered. Has not been hunted over. Contact Amy or Meghan.

Week of 15 August 2005

Week of 8 August 2005

  • MISC: Fixed a broken link to a Hungarian dictionary:
  • PROFILES: Added Bob Doyle to Oregon. Michelle Baker to South Carolina. Andy Hall to United Kingdom. Pam Williams of Ohio.
  • RECIPE: Added Tuna Brownies and "Reindeer Poop" doggie treats. Add a link to a very large list of game recipies.
  • HEALTH: Added a link to information on Sudden Acquired Retinal Degeneration and A Vet's View – Neospora Caninum and Blindness in Dogs and Beth Patton's Hearing Dog and we've added three new links detailing "valley fever" as well as three links to Mange information.
  • ARTICLES: Added Vizsla Myths/Futaki Horns by François-R. Bernier.
  • HUMOUR: Long overdue, Joe sent us a message "As a proud Vizsla owner and a long-time Chevrolet truck owner, I appreciated your "Humor" - Advertising area of your website. I must however correct the "Dodge" like a rock spot. "Like a Rock" is a trademark of Chevrolet! You can even see the Chevy Bowtie in the ad at the bottom of the page. I am sure the Vizsla would not be caught dead in a Dodge! I know mine wouldn't. Ha-Ha!." Well we finally got around to fixing this "terrible" error and setting the car world right again. Thanks Joe for keeping us accurate.
  • CLUBS: Added Puget Sound Vizsla Club in Oregon to the listing of Vizsla Clubs.

Week of 1 August 2005

  • RESCUE: Find out about TURBO by clicking on his name and helping. Turbo is available for adoption (as are some other Vizslas on the site). Please help if you can.
  • MERIT: Updated Australian links.
  • RESCUE: Find out about RUBY bu clicking on her name and helping if you can by adopting her.
  • PROFILES: Added Aunchalee and Joe  Loscalzo to California. Added Ingeborg Caminneci (wirehaired) to Germany. Added Zsófia Miczek (wirehaired) to Hungary. Added Sayaka to Japan, a new country. Added Sharon and Matthew Mallinson to Australia. Updated Kentucky's Holly Hatfield link to her own website.
  • CLUBS: Updated the Vizsla Society of Ontario club contact under Canada.
  • RESCUE: Great news Cindy wrote to us to let us know that she "did find a home for Kodi.  Thanks for letting us post him on your web site." We also updated 21 January 2005 Austin & Amber's listing with new narrative and a wonderful picture. Please help them find a home, thanks..
  • HEALTH: Added a new link Tick Diseases. Under "medical" we've added Canine Total Hip Replacement. Also added The Wrath of Grapes (pdf) -- evidently we also need to keep grapes away from dogs.
  • MAGS: Add a new link to Tech Living magazine which was sent to us by Melissa Anderson, owner of Hayleigh, Morgan and Brisco.
  • RECIPE: Added a doggie bday cake - look under doggie treats.
  • Added a new photo to Vizsla Home Page.
  • HISTORY: Added a write up of Connie Johnson by Beryl Taylor. Also added "Vizsla" by Canis from The Book of the Dog (pdf file) which was sent to us by Jennifer Fowler-Hermes. Also added a picture of "one of Charles Hunt's puppies Borka owned by Leah Clayton's family of Chicago, IL in 1957. The dam was Asta Z Povasia."


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