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Here is a site to help pronouce Hungarian names.

I found this site also that lists male and female Hungarian names and will give meanings. Great way to find doggie names!

Vizsla Newspaper Articles from Netherlands.

Vizsla Stamps: Stamps from around the world

Vizsla art work: stump carving

This is a link for a Hungarian dictionary. For those of you in the states, it may take some time to load, but it is the fastest Hungarian (on-line) dictionary found

Drei Freunde Photos from a 1960 book, most of these have been on the Home Page cover.

Information on the history, grammar, pronunciation of "Vizsla" "V I Z S L A"

This is a place for us to put all the 1996 VIZSLA HOME COVER PHOTOS

This is a place for us to put all the 1995 VIZSLA HOME COVER PHOTOS

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