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History of the Vizsla

This clipping was in some articles that Meghan Tallman was kind enough to share with me. Thank you, Meghan, for sharing some of the history of the vizsla with us.: "The Observers Book of Dogs" by Clifford L. B. Hubbard Frederick Warne & Co., Ltd., London and New York (page 153 Re: Vizsla, Hungarian Pointer, Yellow Pointer): "One of the five national breeds of dogs in Hungary. The Vizsla is the sole sporting dog, a breed which combines the duties of POINTER, SETTER, AND RETRIEVER. He is admirably suited to the game and conditions of the puszta, being descended from the Transylvanian and Weimar pointers, well equipped for those particular terrains. Today the race is protected by the interest on the Hungarian Kennel Club through their specialists stud book (Magyar Eb Torzskonyv) and records of exported specimens are meticulously maintained. He is particularly in demand in the Debrecen district of Eastern Hungary, where most feathered game seek sanctuary.Height, 25 inches, weight, 70 to 75 pounds, color, yellow only, rather like the sedge shade of the Chesapeake Bay Retriever. Coat short, close and smooth. Tail docked to about two-fifths."

"One of Charles Hunt's puppies Borka owned by Leah Clayton's family of Chicago, IL in 1957. The dam was Asta Z Povasia."

"Vizsla" by Canis from The Book of the Dog (pdf file)

Connie Johnson by Beryl Taylor

Wire Haired Vizsla History by Becca Winckler

History of the (Wire Haired) Breed in UK

Queen Jadwiga, Info generously researched and donated to the home page by Buffy Scheaffer.

A Theory to the Origin of the Word Vizsla by Barna Lukacs (VizslaHunt list in May, 2004)

Jen Wolfe by Linda Promaulayko

First multiple country BIS Vizsla CH Napkelte Vadasz Dalos

Vizsla Origins (pdf file) by Geza Frank Say (The Hungarian Review, Vol.1 Issue 1, Fall 1971)

America's New Golden Gun-Dog by Dr. I.S. Osborn (1959)

Vizsla History, Chapter One by By Martha Lacko

Vizslas in Holland - The Netherlands by Tonnie Niessing

"The Hungarian Vizsla" by Jeno Dus

Where Now Brown Dog? by Phil Wright (some 1970's perspective Canada - USA)

Canadian Vizslas by Vizsla Canada

Ear Tags/Futaki Horns, by Susan J. Mulley (an interesting bit of history relevant to all our Vizslas)

History of Vizsla in Australia, by Fay Harris

Some Historic Dates & Facts of Vizslas in Canada, written by Phil Wright

History of Vizsla in Denmark, by Jonas Nielsen

Recollections (World War I) written by Charles Mosansky

UK Vizsla History by Hungarian Vizsla Society

History of Vizsla in USA

History of Vizslas in Holland -- Part One and Part Two  by Tonnie Niessing

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