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The Dutch Vizsla List
Started by the Dutch Club (Tonnie Niessing is the list owner). If you want to join you are welcome. The address is

This is a list for ALL Vizsla enthusiasts. With a large number of subscribers it is often heavy in traffic and not everyone's opinions are the same but we try to remain flame free and respectful of others. Check the achives to see the range and quantity of topics covered. Suitable topics include questions and answers regarding the Vizsla breed in general, pedigrees, news bits, stories, article summaries, discussions of particular lines and breeders, competition of all types, activities (rescue, therapy dogs, etc.), hunting, field work, health care, training techniques, bragging, summaries of local Vizsla club activities or newsletters, and any other items which are related to Vizslas. To join

This list is for friendly discussion about field trialing with Vizslas. All forms of field competition testing are welcome topics of discussion. Associated topics such as guns, horses for trials, etc are also good topics for discussion. To join
write to: or go to web site.

This list is for friendly discussion about hunting with Vizslas. All forms of hunting are appreciated, including, but not limited to: Upland birds (pheasant, quail, woodcock, grouse, etc), waterfowl (ducks, geese, etc), small (rabbits, squirrels, coon, possum, etc) and large mammals (deer, hogs, etc). The humans may assist with gun, nets, bows, falconry, or photography, etc.
To join write or go to web site.

Vizsla Breeders Worldwide
The group's home page is:

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