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The Vizsla Homepage started with an idea from Vizsla owner Kay Ingle and some computer savvy from Patty Mead. Together they initiated the Vizsla Homepage web site on 25 May 1995; designed for Vizsla owners to learn and share more about the breed. Since that time, while there have been the occasional donations, the basic funding has always been mainly from Kay and Patty's personal funds. The Vizsla Homepage is now part of a new non-profit organization, Vizsladogs, Ltd. Vizsladogs, Ltd. was created in 2005 and is now the owner of the Vizsla Home Page; which functions as part of it's educational efforts. This new organization is a non-profit both in the State of California and Federally so that donations are tax deductable.

Both Kay and Patty are asking the Vizsla community to continue to help the Vizsla Homepage by 1) purchasing from affiliates mentioned in the Vizsla Mall, 2) purchasing Vizsla products directly from the Vizsla Mall, and 3) sending us donations. We have several activities you can donate money to: educational efforts (this website, brochures, events, etc), Vizsla Rescue (called "Rescue Haven"), and general operating funds for the organization. Any funds received not earmarked for a particular use will be placed in a general fund for use as required.

You may donate funds to the non-profit Vizsladogs, Ltd. by clicking on the "paypal" donation button below.

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