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Breeding Vizslas

BREEDERS: Please see the articles, books, and other references below, as well as read below what we suggest for puppy buyers. While we don't want to make your job more difficult, we cannot help but hold you to the highest standard. The future of our beloved dogs are in your hands...after all, you make the decision on who to breed.

BUYERS:We urge you to be extra cautious whenever you purchase your puppy from advertising -- be it from the internet or a newspaper/magazine. While we do not want to cast aspersions on any breeder, we do want to assist the future Vizsla owner in picking the best dog and breeder they can. With these concerns in mind, we offer the following advice.

-Internet puppy selection guides

-Internet breeder guides

-Recommended Books for Breeders (you can order directly from

- Breeding Articles

What age is best? By Jenny Peacocke
C.E.R.F. exams/breeder responsibility by Susan Mulley
The Backyard Breeders' and Puppy Millers' Big Book of Old Excuses by Denna Pace
Information for Prospective First-Time Vizsla Owners
by Mary K. Chelton
A Breeder Worth Salt by Pam Haley
What Is A Backyard Breeder by Sunny Arruda VP, South Bay Purebred Rescue
Ethics and the Reputable Breeder by Susan J Mulley
Why Breed by Francois Bernier
Just a Pet by Jenny Peacocke
To Breed Or Not to Breed? by Barb Ehlers
Where Now Brown Dog? by Phil Wright
Type and Outcrossing, by Marion Coffman
The Value of the Brood Bitch, by Marion Coffman
Soundness and Movement , by Marion Coffman
Type and Breeder's Responsibility , by Marion Coffman
Breeding for Correct Temperament , by Lu Hart
Responsible Breeders , by Gulf Coast Vizsla Club

- Check out our RESCUE section and pick out a rescue dog. These Vizslas need a loving and caring family and you might just be the special one to provide such an environment.

- If you are sure that only a puppy will work for you (most rescue dogs are older), then contact a local Vizsla Clubs and find out who is their "breeder referral" person. In the best circumstances, this person should be non-political and should be sending you to a variety of breeders that are known to the club. It is our hope that they are also sending you to breeders who adhere to some kind of ethical standards, such as
VCA's Code of Ethics.

- Read up on the dog (for instance read the VIZSLA FAQ from the main menu for a beginning -- then check out the
BOOKS section for more detailed information), and read anything that discusses how to choose a breeder. Visit dog shows and get a good look at the dogs. Meet the breeders at the shows, but NOT as they are about to go into the ring -- find a good time to say "hello". See Show Tips for information on how to approach the exhibitors. In most cases, people love to talk about their dogs and can be a wonderful source of information.

- Mainly, take your time and do not rush into anything just because puppies may be available NOW...make sure you have enough information to make a decision you are ready to live with for years and years to come. Don't rush into something like this for we all want the placement to be permanent so we do not have another rescue dog to find a home for.

- Choose a responsible breeder that adhere to some higher purpose in breeding. Many clubs have specific listings on breeder responsibility, such as
guideline of responsibility .

- Finally, we wish you luck!

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