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Articles of Interest to Vizsla Owners

These articles are reprinted with permission of the authors -- for those few articles that are reprinted with the author listed as " anonymous" please let us know if you know of the author so permission can be sought. If you would like to add an article please first read about submission requirements then contact Vizlsadogs, Ltd. with a description of the article and let us know if there are and then pictures included and what category you think the article should appear under. Please remember that any advice offered here is just one persons opinion. Check with your local expert (including your trainer, breeder, and of course your vet!) before following any suggestions or advice offered here. .

Agility Articles

Zack "the Miracle Man" by Gael Johnson
Agility in Sweeden by Bosse Samstrand
Agility by Laura Hilberg
Dog Agility: What's it all about? , by Melissa Thomas and Maria Zucconi
Introduction to Agility , by Bill Gignac
Personal Introduction to Agility , by Kate Payne
Agility Titles , by Melissa Thomas and Maria Zucconi

Breeding Related Articles

The Miracle Dog by Stacey Moore (Warning: graphic.)
What age is best? By Jenny Peacocke
Type by Anne Rogers Clark
C.E.R.F. exams/breeder responsibility by Susan Mulley
The Backyard Breeders' and Puppy Millers' Big Book of Old Excuses by Denna Pace
Information for Prospective First-Time Vizsla Owners
by Mary K. Chelton
A Breeder Worth Salt by Pam Haley
What Is A Backyard Breeder by Sunny Arruda VP, South Bay Purebred Rescue
Ethics and the Reputable Breeder by Susan J Mulley
Why Breed by Francois Bernier
Just a Pet by Jenny Peacocke
To Breed Or Not to Breed? by Barb Ehlers
Where Now Brown Dog? by Phil Wright
Type and Outcrossing, by Marion Coffman
The Value of the Brood Bitch, by Marion Coffman
Soundness and Movement , by Marion Coffman
Type and Breeder's Responsibility , by Marion Coffman
Breeding for Correct Temperament , by Lu Hart
Responsible Breeders , by Gulf Coast Vizsla Club

Omerta: The breeder's Code of Silence by Sierra Milton
Evaluating a Breeder by Kate McConnick


Outside Dog by Dennis Fetko
What To Do If Your Dog Runs Away by Verne Foster
Five More Pet Food Secrets by anonymous
Vizsla Ownership: Negatives & Serious Comments by Jane
This Tail Docking Discussion, And What It Means To You by  Steve Peacocke
Puppy Mills, by Mary K. Chelton
Good Dog Show Dog Is There A Difference by Bill Garnett
About The Hungarian Vizsla by Fuzesine Szegvari Zsuzsa
Dominant Vizslas -- Commentary 1 by Vizsla Listserv
Dominant Vizslas -- Commentary 2 by Lu Hart


Type by Anne Rogers Clark
Vizsla Coat Types
Vizsla Myths - Esterhazy Saddle By Francois R. Berier (pdf file)
Wiredhaired Vizsla by Roy Bebbington (The Falconers Web, reprinted with permission)
Vizsla Traits/Oddities
Ear Tags/Futaki Horns, by Susan J. Mulley
Vizsla Myths/Futaki Horns by François-R. Bernier
Showing Your Vizsla in the Breed Ring , by Lu Hart
Tips for Folks Attending Conformation Shows , by Patty Mead and Kay Ingle
Introduction to USA's Conformation Shows , by Patty Mead


An Old Dog, by Fiona Webber


Flyball with Vizslas, written by Dave Hall with commentary by Kate Payne

History of Vizsla

"Vizsla" by Canis from The Book of the Dog (pdf file)
Connie Johnson by Beryl Taylor
Wire Haired Vizsla History by Becca Winckler
A Theory to the Origin of the Word Vizsla by Barna Lukacs (VizslaHunt list in May, 2004)
Jen Wolfe by Linda Promaulayko
Vizsla Origins (pdf file) by Geza Frank Say (The Hungarian Review, Vol.1 Issue 1, Fall 1971)
America's New Golden Gun-Dog by Dr. I.S. Osborn (1959)
Vizsla History, Chapter One by By Martha Lacko
The Hungarian Vizsla by Jeno Dus
Where Now Brown Dog? by Phil Wright
History of Vizsla in Australia, by Fay Harris
Some Historic Dates & Facts of Vizsla's in Canada, written by Phil Wright
History of Vizsla in Denmark, by Jonas Nielsen
Recollections ( World War I ) written by Charles Mosansky
History of Vizsla in USA

1928 Vizsla Breed Standard

Hunting/Field Articles

Honoring by Teresa Gimbut
Field Trials With Emphasis on the Horse and the Role it Plays By Roxanne M. Coccia
Vizslas and Deer (NZ hunting scene )
A Field of Dreams
by Bob Hendricks
Old Fashioned Pheasants by Bob Hendricks
Sweating to the Ringnecks by Bob Hendricks
The "Point" of the AKC Junior Hunting Test for Pointing Breeds, by Steven Wagle
Teaching Blind Retrieves by Dolores Blake
The Right Age to Start Breaking a Dog by Mark Powell
The AKC's Junior Hunter By Jane Toadvin (Shong)
Prey Drive written by Randy Boggs
Entwinned Training, written by Jacqueline O'Neil (from AKC Gazette with permission)
Preparing for Field Trial Season, written by Jacqueline O'Neil (from AKC Gazette with permission)
Hunting Test Handling Techniques, written by Mark Powell (from his book "Qualify!" with permission)
The Trials and Tribulations of Two Hunting Dogs, written by Gretchen Irion
Obedience Training Helps the Field, by Jack Sharkey
An Emergency Kit for Hunters, written by Lynn Sandor
An Emergency Kit for Hunters, Part 2 written by Vizsla ListServ members
Here's To Them That Shoot and Miss, written by Lynn Worth

Hang 'Em High written by E. Dan Klepper
Hunting – an ancient tradition and way of life – is it going to become extinct?

Medical Articles

See new Healthy Vizsla section of the home page.

Misc. Articles

Zack “the Miracle Man” By Gael Johnson
Hector and Pork Chops
by Jane Shong Toadvin
How Hector Got His Name by Jane Shong Toadvin
Hector and the TV Repairman by Jane Shong
Hector and the Rabbit by Jane Toadvin
Hector and the Puppies by Jane Shong

Removing Tree Sap by Vizsla Listserv
Preparing Dogs for Baby! written by Wendy DeCarlo and Dennis Damon of the Dog Obedience Group in Chicago.
Hearing Dog Lends Islander Her Ears by Laura Marble (March 2002 Island Packet Online)
Gunner's Clover By Don Bonnice
Providing for Your Dogs If You are Gone by Mary K. Chelton
Ten Commandments for a Responsible Dog Owner by anonymous
Tips For Sleeping With Your Dog compiled from the VizslaTalk list
The Grouse from Hell by Kay Ingle
Fun Times on the Beach (a pictorial) by Tonnie Niessing
The Welcome by anonymous
He's "Just" My Dog by Gene Hill in the book "Tears and Laughter"

Managing Puppy Biting by Dee Chuisano
Teaching A Dog To Swim by Mary Carson
What Is A Breeder? by anonymous
Vizsla Story Page by Fiona Webber
Ten Commandments for a Responsible Dog Owner by anonymous
Aspen's Morning Walk by Rita Chavez
Quick PickListing of Titles/Awards, collected by Patty Mead
Byron, Seeing-eye Dog, by Elaine Anderson
Hiking With My Vizsla, by Penny Fenton
Vizsla "search and rescue", by Rita Martinez
The Hungarian House, written by Natalie Sharp
Jack Sharkey's Seven Wonderful Vizsla Years, written by Jack Sharkey
How to Photograph a New Puppy according to the Conformation Listserv.
Pawsitive Running Partners by Cheryl Harris (reprinted with permission from the Road Runners Club of America)
Vizslas as Guard Dogs by Julie Bonar
Cleaning Carpets by Lisa Clowdus, Vizsla Listserv Members & Browsers

My True Story of Losing My Vizsla by Gabor


Between Two Beaths by Lu Hart
The Best Place to Bury A Dog by unknown author
Rainbow Bridge by unknown author
I Am Your Dog by unknown author

Obedience & General Training Articles

Canine Aggression: Neurobiology, Behavior and Management
Nothing In Life Is Free
Association of Pet Dog Trainer
Bite Inhibition - How to Teach It
By Melissa Alexander
Teaching Vizslas to Walk on a Loose Leash by Laura Wright, Editor
Nothing In Life Is Free program
Training with the Prong Collars by Suzanne Clothier
The Problems with Head Halters by Suzanne Clothier 
Obedience by Laura Hilberg
Noise Anxiety in Vizslas by Lu Hart
Overcoming Problems with the Recall Command
, By Lea Cogley
Take Care When Training Aggressive Dogs by Barbara D. Brill
Clicker Training the "OFF" Command by Chris Samuelian-Babiarz
What is Clicker Training? by Debi Davis
Teaching the "Come" Command by Joyce Clark
Pinch Collars by Linda Penry
Running with the Pack, by Gretchen Irion
Excusing Bad Behavior by Patty Mead
Obedience Introduction , by Jennifer Baird
Obedience Titles , by Melissa Thomas and Maria Zucconi
Correcting Leashpulling , by Patty Mead
Correcting Leashpulling, part 2 , by Marcia Schlesinger

Walk This Way by Pat Miller

Puppy Mills

How to Stop a Puppy Mill
Puppy Mill Rescue
Puppy Mill Fighters
No Puppy Mills Canada
Stop Puppy Mills
The Truth About Puppy Mills has a letter to send to AKC against registering puppy mill dogs
Pet Stores and Puppy Mills has an action alert page
Puppy Mills
Help Stop Puppy Mills - Now!
Puppy Mills


Puppy Articles

What Age is Best by Jenny Peacocke
Crate Training Ideas
by by Rosamar Garcia
Puppy Crating & Crating Info, compiled by Patty Mead
Pick a Pup By Becky Smith
Information for Prospective First-Time Vizsla Owners by Mary K. Chelton
Puppy Adolescence by Wanda Berner
Adolescence by Lu Hart
Questions to Ask Breeders before Buying a Puppy
by: Allan Strachan, Vicki L May, Linda Promaulayko, And Donna Patterson.
Tips For Buying a New Puppy by the United Kennel Club.
House Training by Karen Miller
Puppy Biting, Part 2 by Dee Chuisano
Pet Shop Puppies by Susan Mulley
Just a Pet by Jenny Peacocke
Comments on Crating by Lu Hart
Why Let A Breeder Choose Your Puppy by Becky Smith
Puppy Socialization, Part 1, by Patty Mead
Puppy Socialization, Part 2, by Patty Mead
Puppy Socialization, Part 3, by Patty Mead
Puppy's Health Care, compiled by Patty Mead
Puppy's First Night compiled by Patty Mead
Owner Education: Training Puppies in Obedience compiled by Patty Mead
Managing Puppy Biting by Dee Chuisano

Puppy Training by Grisha Stewart

Rescue Articles

The Love of Rescue Vizslas, by Lisa Clowdus.
A Arizona Tragedy: Grace & Rio (Warning: graphic.)
A Breeder Worth Salt by Pam Haley
Puppy Mill Rescue (link)
The Princess and the Starlet; A Rescue Story, by Scott Daniels
Twas The Night Before Christmas Rescue by Stacey Vincent
How Could You by Jim Willis
Rescue Help Wanted (humor) by anonymous
The Article by Simone Karsman
Rescue Poem  by anonymous
Today I Made a Difference by Cheryl Reed
Tale of Two Sistersby Kathy Rust

Maddie by Kris Carroll
The Rewards of Rescue and Adoption by Lisa Clowdus
"Rosey" by Lu Hart
Adopting an "OLDER" Vizsla by Jane Mellott
Adopt A Rescue by anonymous
Poem Dedicated to Rescue Workers by Jeane Illsche
Mickey's Story by Mark Andrasik
Do I Go Home Today?  by anonymous
Nick's Rescue Story
Pound Puppies by Janet Wallace


Intro to Tracking by Melissa Thomas

Versatility Articles


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