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This cookbook is being sold to raise funds in support of all Vizsla Rescue. For information on how your club's rescue program can purchase some of the books and then sell them to your members as a way of raising Rescue Funds, please contact Rita. If you want to buy your own copy please print this page, fill out the form, and mail your donations to the address below.

All checks or money-orders must be made out to: VIZSLA RESCUE FUND (Sorry, I can NOT accept credit cards.)

Mail your check or Money Order and this completed order form to:

Rita Chavez
Vizsla Rescue Fund
622 Dorchester #154
Rochester Hills, MI 48307

(Daytime Phone#: 517-496-8444)

Daytime Phone:___________________________________________

You will receive the VIZSLAS & VITTLES Cookbook as a gift for your generous donation of US$15.

Total number of cookbooks you would like:________

Amount you have enclosed by check or money order, in US funds only please: US$_________

Please do not write below this line. For Vizsla List Cookbook Coordinator use only:

Date Rec'd: ___/___/___
Check/M.O. #___________________________________________
# of Cookbooks ship'd:___________
Date Ship'd: ___/___/___
E-Mail Notification sent: ___/___/___

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