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The Vizsla by B.C.Boggs
ISBN: 0960883800 (out of print and hard to locate but they will search)

Gundogs, Their History, Breeding, & Training " by Louise Petrie-Hay
ASIN: 0948253177

Speed Train Your Own Retriever : The Quick, Efficient, Proven System for Training a Finished Dog -- Larry Mueller Paperback

Birdhunter : A Celebration of Wild Birds, Fine Guns, and Staunch Dogs by Richard S. Grozik
ISBN: 1571570616

How to Help Gun Dogs Train Themselves : Taking Advantage of Early Conditioned Learning by Joan Bailey

Best Way to Train Your Gun Dog : The Delmar Smith Method by Bill. Tarrant, Jack Samson
ISBN: 0679507507

Gun Dog Training : New Strategies from Today's Top Trainers by Bill Tarrant
ISBN: 0896583228

How to Hunt Birds With Gun Dogs by Bill Tarrant
ISBN: 0811708454

Problem Gun Dogs : How to Identify and Correct Their Faults by Bill Tarrant
ISBN: 0811713741

QUALIFY! A Guide to Successful Handling in AKC Pointing Breed Hunting Tests by Mark Powell
ISBN: 0964767147

Peak Performance: Coaching the Canine Athlete M. Christine Zink

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