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The Love of Rescue Vizslas

by Lisa Clowdus*

I've been lurking on the new list(s), but haven't posted for awhile. For those of you who don't know me, I'm one of the co-founders, along with Grace Lawson, of the original V-list. I just had the honor of winning the Vizsla Walking Stick auction on eBay and I'd like to share with you why I felt so compelled to contribute to the Grace and Rio fund. (For info on the vizslas Grace and Rio click here.) When I read Janet Galante's story of going to see Rio and Grace at the Tucson humane society, and seeing their condition, and falling apart upon having the sweet female crawl into her lap - I cried, too.

I just cried again tonight upon reading about it in the Vizsla Club of Northern California Newsletter. Not only is it mind-boggling to me how anyone could abuse one of our beloved, loyal and sweet Vizslas, but it hits close to home for me. Our last four Vizslas have all been adopted or rescued. Bart and I originally thought that we were doing our first adopted V "a favor" by adopting her. How wrong we were - she was doing *us* a favor. She taught us love - she taught us how resilient an 11 year-old Vizsla could be at going to a stranger's home and starting life over. She taught us that you can bond just as closely with an 11 year-old Vizsla as with a seven week-old Vizsla.

Our next two Vizslas came three years ago - one adopted from a good home (Muscade) and the other adopted through Vizsla rescue (Greta). Greta had been badly abused - beaten, ribs broken, and a tooth knocked out. She cringed and cowered when we made a movement near her. She was a sick wreck. Unbelievably, she turned put her trust in us - and allowed us into her heart. Why would she believe in us when all she had known was sorrow? Because, that's what Vizslas do. Greta turned around and became the most loving, hugging, sweet Vizsla girl.

Two years ago, we adopted another Vizsla through Vizsla rescue - Brit, a 13 1/2 year-old V girl whose owners were going to put her to sleep so they could travel! When we brought Brit home, she was deaf, had severe ear infections, a bladder infection, a cough and the x-rays showed she was full of buck-shot. We were told she'd been a lousy hunter (maybe because they shot her??????). The first two nights I wasn't sure that Brit was going to make it. She had a lost look in her eyes. But, once again, that Vizsla spirit showed through. We nicknamed her "bright eyes". She loved everything about life, discovering (at 13 years-old!) what mirrors were, and how to use a dog door, and that she was allowed in the house - and on the furniture! :-)

We had Brit for 15 glorious months - and let her live out her life in true Vizsla luxury. So, I have a soft spot in my heart for these V's who need us. It's so nice to read about all of you and your love for Vizslas. Please continue to support one another and do what's best for our beloved breed.

* who is owned by two rescue female V's, Greta and Muscade watched over by three rescue Vizsla angels, Gunner, Sisza and Brit. "Bless Judy Jackson, who has given so much of her life to Vizsla Rescue, for allowing us to adopt Greta and Brit."

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