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Grace and Rio Tragedy

Arizona, USA

Two vizslas, both severely malnourished and extremely ill, were found at the Rillito Race Track and released to the Southern Arizona Humane Society in Tucson, Arizona on Monday, February 5, 2001. The dogs, a female and a male, were believed to have been approximately 2 years old. After an extensive battery of tests and radiographs it was determined that both dogs suffered from advanced cases of valley fever and tick fever. The radiographs indicated severe bone lesions most probably caused by the valley fever and exacerbated by severe malnutrition. The male was so compromised that he was unable to bear weight on his back legs and was losing his coat most likely because of starvation. The female was also having difficulty bearing her own weight and appeared to have complications involving her hips possibly due to an old injury. Although vizsla rescue was completely committed to rehabilitating the dogs (who I named Grace and Rio), it was decided by all parties involved that the dogs were too ill and in too much pain to be saved. Grace and Rio were humanely euthanized on Thursday, February 8. Everyone who had come in contact with these two lovely dogs was devasted, especially all of the staff at the SAHS who devoted many many hours to the care of Grace and Rio. This is the worse case of abuse involving vizslas known to the Vizsla Club ofAmerica.

Because of the heinous nature of the neglect, this case was being treated as felony animal abuse and was been turned over to the local authorities. The Vizsla Club of America, the Vizsla Welfare Foundation, the Rio Salado Vizsla Club, the Northern California Vizsla Club, Oklahoma Vizsla Rescue, the Hungarian Vizsla Club of Great Britain, and many individuals, especially from the VizslaTalk internet list, contributed funds and auction items used as reward money for the apprehension of the parties responsible for the abuse of these dogs. It is our hope that together we can prevent things like this from happening to others..

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