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16 September 2006 "Could you post this on your website? I just found your contact information. We have posted this information on a number of websites, but I want to try one more time. I don't want to give up, yet! Our Vizsla, Opie, disappeared from my parent's home on the morning of July 5, 2006. My husband took him with him to my parent's farm, located 6 miles from our home. Opie has gone there many times and knows his directions from there to our home. We reside in Holyoke, Colorado and he disappeared from 45028 County Road 12, 8 miles from Holyoke. Opie's home address is 12626 County Road 55 Holyoke, CO 80734. We still have not found him and, even after all of this time, we are hopeful that someone knows something about his whereabouts. We believe that someone picked him up. If he had been hit by a vehicle, we would have found his body somewhere. We have driven every road for miles around my parent's and our homes. He was wearing a blue collar with his name and our phone number embroidered on it. Opie has a small scar above his left eye. He is neutered, trained and a wonderful friend. We miss him so much, even after all of this time!"

08 May 2006 I just ran across your website. I am reporting a lost Vizsla and was hoping you could post it on your website. He is a  2 yr old male (fixed), his name is Cedar, and I am sooo bummed. I just moved to Oahu, my job transferred me from Breckenridge , Colorado . I moved here Jan 1. I just recently went back to Colorado to pick up Cedar, by boyfriend was watching him until the 120 quarantine period was over, and after my first 3 days in Colorado, reunited with my baby he disappeared. It was the Sat before Easter Sunday, April 15, 2006. I am so torn. He disappeared from Blue River Colorado which is about 10 miles S of Breck. He does have a microchip, but he did not have tags. He had a black collar. His tags were found in the driveway about 2 days after his disappearance. I have signs posted all over town, missing reports at all the local shelters, and vets. If anyone has any infromation, I would really like my baby back. My number is 970-389-6958. I attached a picture too... Thank you for the help. Kristen

09 January 2006 Jeff wrote asking us to update his listing: All of my area codes have been changed to (951) and no longer (909). Thanks alot, and I still keep hoping even after two years. 13 February 2004 My name is Jeff Interlicchia. My male Vizsla was lost on 1-12-04 in Riverside, California. He escaped from our yard, and never returned. He has done this dozens of times, but always returned within a few hours or a couple of days. I am convinced that someone has him, and desparately want him back. I will pay a large reward for information leading to his return, or his return. He is almost 5 years old, and weighs approx. 60-65 lbs. Very distinguishing large scar going across his right side rib cage. He had heart surgery about 2 years ago and it left about an 8-10 inch scar from top to bottom. I can be reached at (951)781-0863 days, (951)789-4005 evenings, or (951)743-9759. Please call anytime, as our family is crushed. Thank you.

3 June 2005 Fountain Inn SC, near Greenville. A 10 month old unspayed female was taken from her backyard on May 26th, 2005. She had a red collar on with all of her information and Rabies info on it. She was being trained for shows, and her owner is devastated. We have placed announcemnts at the local vets, and animal shelters. Please write us at or call 770-868-5872 with any information on her possible whereabouts. Thank you so much, in advance! Nancy Edmunds

9 May Update: I still have not located Ferguson, but continue to search and receive calls from people who think they may have seen him. I hope that through internet communication, I can locate him eventually. I received a wonderful call from a woman who is willing to consider placing one of her dogs with us after she read my posting on this site. I can't begin to tell you how wonderful people have been trying to help us find him. Thank you for your assistance and please change my contact number to 912 728 7725. Blenda Fairman 28 March update no, i've not found him......i look every day and must have spoken with another fifty people today. i am really heartbroken.......i adore him. thanks so much for your reply and your posting. blenda 6 March 2005 We live in Rincon, Georgia, outside of Savannah. Our 7 month old male Vizsla , FERGUSON, escaped the invisible fence with our Retreiver on March 6th. My husband witnessed this and was in pursuit of them through our woods immediately. The Retreiver returned home but the Vizsla did not. They always stayed together. I continue to put of flyers and posters every day and invested in a pet detective last week. He used tracking dogs and felt that Ferguson had been stolen. We are heartbroken. We have visted Vets, shelters, and every place where he might be. I think he was taken from this area. He has tiny white markings on his chest and weighted 52 pounds when he left. He loves everyone and I hope that you can offer some more suggestions to help us locate him.

10 January 2005 My name is Doug Gjertsen.  Our 6 month old Male Vizsla, "Rocket", went missing from our fenced in backyard in McDonough, GA on October 8, 2004.  There was no evidence that he got out on his own.  He had just been neutered and still had his stitches.  I had gone to run an errand and when I returned 20 minutes later he was gone.  We posted flyers all over the neighborhood and no one has seen him.  We have not found him in any of the shelters or neighborhoods around us.  He had some white on his paws and a large white wishbone on his chest.  He was about 40 lbs. and would not know a stranger.  He was crate trained and stayed indoors most of the time.  We are heartbroken.  If anyone has any info please contact me.  Thanks!    Doug Gjertsen - SA West Coach ( Bronze, Sr. I ) / cell # 678-230-4248

14 July 2004 We still have not found Abby (whose third birthday was yesterday, July 12, 2004). It's been 10 months and despite numerous unsuccessful trips to the animal shelter and a constant watch for found/for sale vizslas in the newspaper that, we have not given up hope! Thanks for your help. Sincerely, Cassandra 29 September 2003: Our home was burglarized on September 17th. Our vizsla, Abby, has been missing ever since. She is a 2 year old, spayed-female with a circle tattoo on her underbelly. Her tongue has a little nick in it from when she bit it as a puppy. She normally weighs 40 pounds and is extremely muscular. If you hear of a vizsla in a shelter or if you see an ad for a vizsla for "sale" that fits this description--please contact me immediately at (305)785-5067. Cassandra Rosas Miami, Florida.

2 January 2004 We were getting two greyhounds that moning to "doggie sit" and my husband took our two Vizslas out to go potty. When our male "Dax" took off into the woods behind our house after something. Of course our female "Marcy" took off right after him. We searched all night and the next morning we got a call that Marcy had been picked up by the animal control. I went and picke her up and we continued the search for Dax. This was June the 27th 2003. We have still not found him to this day I have called all the shelters and most of the vets in the area with no luck. However, when inquiring about if anyone at the local tree farm had seen the dogs, they all said they had seen them the night before but had not seen them today, as I was leaving I heard the one lady say to a man "well that answers you questions doesn't it". We honestly think that somone has taken Dax in and we hope that they are giving him a good home but, PLEASE return him to his rightfull owners. The Vet's number is on his tag just call we will come get him!!!! We miss him very much and so does Marcy!!! Please if you have any information please call or email 515-220-4022 or 217-431-4229

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