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This is where we are placing all the dogs we've listed so that their individual stories are not lost. We continue to send our thanks to those who work in rescue and those who assist by taking these dogs into their families. PLACED indicates the dog was in Rescue and a home was found for them to be placed into. FOUND indicates the dog was lost and then found. Hopfully we've also removed all references to how to contact people as these dogs no longer require assistance.(To assist Rescue Efforts please see the Vizsla Mall to find items for sale that benefit rescue.)

PLACED 4 August 2005 9 April 2002 I am Cindy, a Vizsla lover and supporter in Charleston, West Virginia, trying to place a pure-bred Vizsla, Kodi. Kodi is pure-bred, sweet and handsome!  Kodi's and Diggi's owner, Dottie, has developed an illness and must move to Chicago with her daughter.  That is why we are trying to place her loving Vizslas.  The vizslas are in Hurricane, West Virginia, which is right outside of Charleston, West Virginia.  We need to place the dogs asap, but definitely by April 13, when Dottie must be out of her home. Kodi is eight years old.  He was born July 5, 1993.  His name, Kodi, means mystic shadows in Hungarian.  Kodi is very loving and very dependent on his person.  He is headstrong and does not like to be left alone for extended periods.  He is somewhat of a lapdog and loves kissing and affection.  He was not crate-trained and, consequently, does not do well in a crate. Kodi is an inside dog who likes to sleep in bed.  He is very-well house-trained and goes to the bathroom in a fenced in yard.  His new home should be one that will allow him to live inside and he should be taken out in a fenced in yard or on a leash only, as he is not familiar with cars and the streets.  He is not neutered. Kodi is great with small children and with other dogs.  He is a bit shy with strangers (people, that is).  Sometimes when people come he goes to the bedroom and lies down.  He is a friendly dog, but does best in small groups of people, not roomfuls of people he does not know.  Kodi has lived with cats, but we think it would probably be better for him not to be placed with cats, as he acts a bit curious around cats. Kodi was bred in St. Charles, Missouri  both of his parents were champion Vizslas, including his dad who won best of breed at Westminster.  His Mom was from Hungary.  His brothers and sisters all have their championships.  Kodi was a certified search and rescue dog.  He was on standby for Oklahoma City, but did not end up going.  Kodi has his AKC papers. Kodi loves to play ball and likes dog toys to chew on. Kodi had obedience training, agility training, and used to love to go up and down a slide. Attached are pictures of Kodi.  They say a picture speaks a thousand words.  Looking at Kodi, I think you cal tell how sweet, gentle, and loving he is.  He is a wonderful little guy.

PLACED 21 January 2005 20 December 2004 My name is Freddy and the rumor is that I'm a Vizsla mix - possible Vizsla/Lab or Golden Retriever mix.  I'm about 2yo,  housebroken and quite the cuddler.  My shots will be updated, my tail is undocked tail, but I'm neutered.  I'm a sweet boy and just happy to be somewhere!  They found me wandering around a construction site, but my old family let me stay in their house since I am housebroken - whatever that means. 

FOUND 20 January 2005 "I have GREAT NEWS! Julep is safe and sound at home! I took the tip to check out the general area yesterday.  I originally intended to do the door to door gig.  But when I got there it was soooo overwhelming, how much area there was to cover.  I decided that instead, I would stand on the corner with my big Lost Dog poster and hope for the best.  What a dificult thing that was to do (emotionally).  So many faces of passer-bys turning into frowns at the sight of her missing.  A couple hours later, a girl pulled over and said that she and her boyfriend spotted a dog running around in that area just last week.  I figured, the sign is working and I'm getting closer.  Hours later, the sun starting to go down, car headlights being turned on, I started wondering when I would have to give up and call it a day.  And no sooner, a man pulled over and said" I think I know where your dog is.  Come a bit closer so I can see the picture better. Yep, that's her, my friends found her and have her at their house.  Follow me."  I almost jumped out of my skin.  I followed him a few blocks away from where I was standing to their house.  They were a very nice, warm, caring family with 3 kids, a cat, and a dog.  They opened up the back door, and in comes Julep.  She practically tackled me to the floor and licked my face so clean, I won't have to wash is for months.  I am so happy, and so greatful for all the help and support that everyone, (especially you Kate), have given me through this ordeal.  If it weren't for your involvement, Michael would never have found me, and I would never have know what area she was in. Love to all, Randy 18 January 2005 LOST 2 year old FEMALE Vizsla. Rust color, no collar or distinctive markings. She is about 45 pounds and was lost in the Kent, Washington area. IF YOU SEE her or know where she is PLEASE CONTACT - Randy Thanks, Kate Olson Puget Sound VIzsla Club.

FOUND 12 July 2004 "We found Lucy tonight. She ended up in someone's backyard (about 2 miles from our house) and no longer had her collar. A police officer was in the neighborhood on an unrelated matter and so the homeowner told the police a dog had wandered into his yard. The officer had seen our flier around town and actually had one in his car. (I had dropped a few off at the police station just in case since I figured they are always driving around the neighborhoods). He recognized her and called us immediately. We picked her up within an hour of her ending up in this person's yard. Thank you so much for you help and kind thoughts!" Patti Larsen 9 July 2004 When the fireworks started on July 4th, our dog took off and we can't find her anywhere. She's really friendly, was wearing a black leather collar with flowers and had license tags and our phone number tag. Ran off at Bridge Rd & Collier. Near MacArthur & Estudillo. Vizsla, female, 50 lbs., named Lucy, reddish-brown, short hair. Please let us know if you find her. Last possible sighting: Wed. July 7 on E. Merle Ct off Dutton, near Roosevelt school near San Leandro, CA. To see a picture of Lucy go to Patti Larsen (510) 614-9821

2 April 2004: Good News! Sydney is back home! After spending 29 hours outside on her own in the rain, a woman in Dorchester found her in her back yard crying, wanting to come inside out of the rain. The woman took her in and called me as Sydney was playing with her teacup chihuahuas! She is home now and she is sleepling in her very own bed. 31 March 2004: Our 14 month old female Vizsla escaped from our dogwalker today Wed, 3/31 at approximately 10:00am. Her name is Sydney and she is 42 pounds with a small patch of white on her chest. She was lost in the South End of Boston, MA. We have spent the day and evening searching everywhere for her, but it has been raining all day and we are afraid she is hiding somewhere dry and she is very afraid. We will pay a reward for her return. We are devastated and miss her so much, we just want our baby to come home. We can be reached at 617-733-6120 or 978-697-6441. Julie and Tim Mackie

1 March 2004 I am happy to annouce that he has returned. A neighbor of ours found him about 2a.m. in West Bridgewater cold, scared, and tired. He had been loose running around the woods for almost 6 hours. He is a tired boy. I thank you for your response and your intrest to help find him. If there is ever a time when someone else looses their dog please let us know and we will be happy to help. Thank You. 25 February 2004 My name is Jason Cambra. My male vizsla (Mylo-2yrs) was lost 2/24/04 he went out to pee in our fenced in back yard. I noticed that he had escaped some how and was in the neighbors yard. When I cut through the house to see him he was gone. I too will pay a large reward for information leading to his return. He was our first dog we drove all night looking for him with no luck, calls were made to local and surrounding police, animal control, pet hospitals, and MSPCA. He was like our child. He only had his house collar on which was multi-colored with earth tones. He was recently neutered 18 Feb 04 so there will be a fairly new scar on his privates.

30 November 2003: With saddness we report Gundy's death. 25 Nov. 2003: Gundy took off we think after some deer last night around 5:30pm and never returned. We were out searching all the wooded areas and neighborhoods almost all night and again this morning. We are devastated and need as much help as possible , we are out in the woods again searching and I don't want to wait too long. So I am sending you a picture of Gundy to send to any one and any organization that you think could help in our search. We are desperate to find her so anything you can do we would deeply appreciate it. And pray for her / us that she finds her way home. Gundy , 3 Year Old Vizsla (runt) , she weighs 40 lbs. Thanks for any all help!

PLACED 2 November 2003 A lot of you have been interested in Cooder's story and I've lost track of all who inquired or sent wishes for him so I'm sharing the news here in the hopes that the good news will find you all. Many of you got to meet Cooder at the nationals in Arizona last fall. In December he found what we thought was a wonderful home with two V sisters, a chance to hunt some and a couch to snooze on but after 6 months he started fighting with the alpha bitch in the household and last June he came back to rescue. Last week, one year after being rescued from a Boise shelter, Cooder found what we think is truly his forever home and moved to Washington state. He has a 4-yr old v/lab sister who wasn't too sure about him at first but he INSISTED she play with him anyway and after an hour of running, rolling & leaping they both piled into the car and he barely looked back at me.... which is the way it should be :). I feel confident that his new mom & dad will be able to work through whatever issues come up and that Cooder is finally home. Just wanted everyone to know that all your good wishes have been much appreciated and well spent!!! 16 June 2003 COODER is a handsome 8-yr old, three-legged purebred Vizsla looking for someone to love him as much as he loves life! He was found running loose at a shopping mall and his owner never came for him. He found a wonderful home in Montana but after 6 months of getting along fine with everyone he decided he wasn't going to take anymore crap off the alpha bitch in the household so he is back in Idaho and again looking for his retirement home. He is confident & outgoing and to see him run you wouldn't know he has only three legs as he runs like the wind. He lost his leg due to an injury when he was 3-yrs old but it doesn't slow him down and he is a healthy, active 8-yr old. Proper exercise and weight management will be important for this guy. He is manageable with cats, loves kids but is too rowdy for young children and will do best as an only dog. He doesn't have a nervous bone in his body- wiggly ones yes, but not nervous! If you think the missing leg will slow him down... think again! He's just positive the best years of his life are ahead of him and is looking for someone to share them with.

FOUND4 September today, around 6:30 am we received a phone call from the person that found our dog. He is already home (were he belongs!) thank you. 2 September: Lost in South Lebanon Township (Lebanon, Pennsylvania). Three year old neutered male. he suffers from allergies, needs his meds. If you please can post this ad, we are heart broken. Thank you. Georgina Klahr, Tel. 717-279-6469

PLACED 29 August Just wanted to share the great news! Boone-Doggie, the elder statesman Vizsla from South Texas, has found a wonderful home! Boone has gone to live with a great family in Houston, TX. He will have all the attention he craves, as his new "Mom" is a stay-at-home-mom and home schools her son. The little boy is SO in love with Boone and of, course, Boone is happy as a clam with all the constant attention. He also has a pretty female dog-pal to play with (both are 'fixed') who is near his age and the family Cat who Boone contantly stares at and large area to play in. Not that Boone will ever know how big 'his' yard is - he stays in the house with his new family! As I mentioned in his story I posted in the beginning, he has the art of Couch Potato down to an art!!! I want to thank all of you that responded about wanting to adopt Boone and all the fabulous rescue people out there for the referrals and helpful info in order to help Boone find the best home possible! Thanks to EVERYONE so very much! This Vizsla community that we all are a part of is one of the best groups of people (and OF COURSE Vizslas) ever. I am always so grateful for the information we all share, the joys and sorrows, and everything in between wih our Vizslas. Thank all of you so very much again! With much gratitude, Karen Sullivan 11 August 2003 Boon-Doggie (on the right) came to my ex-husband by way of a phone call from a gentleman who had friends in a rural area outside San Antonio, Texas, who had 2 dogs wander up to their place. One was an older male Vizsla and the other a Border Collie. The Vet said that Boon-Doggie appeared to be in good health - Heartworm negative - Updated Vacc's - the typical once over. Boon-Doggie, weighing in at 62 lbs., appears to be approximately 8-9 years old with the distinguished greying on his muzzle and all four paws. He has a properly docked tail, his declaws removed and has been neutered. Boon has a very sweet disposition and absolutely loves people. This guy has the art of "Couch Potato" down to a science! There is nothing in this world that he loves more than to put his head in your lap and have his ears scratched! - Well, maybe he loves the belly rubs more when he falls over and turns his tummy up - the jury is still out on this one. I find it really difficult to resist those expressive, soulful eyes of his! He is very people oriented - He is accustomed to the house and is house-trained. He presently sleeps in a crate at night (as long as he gets his bedtime treat) and uses the doggie door which his foster sister, Rika, taught him to use.Boon-Doggie knows his "sit", "down", "come" and "No". He also walks very well on lead and is very good when called to come if off-lead. I get the impression that his former owners taught him some obedience, but were short on the affection-factor. He is learning to play with other dogs and really loves being around his foster sister V. He does not like it one bit being locked outside alone and will climb fences in order to get to an entrance to the house, where he absolutely prefers to be. Good news is Boon doesn't attempt to climb or escape when he has a dog-pal around and they are outside together. Boon-Doggie has a wonderful baritone voice and when he plays, he "talks". The sound is similar to a growl, but not being aggressive - he just makes deep grunting sounds. I have found that he does need to be introduced to a group of new dogs gradually, as he is insecure and will low-growl to establish his boundaries until he is more comfortable with his surroundings. One on one with any of the dogs he's been introduced to was just fine - A bunch of them at once is intimidating for him.We have exposed him to various situations - Dog Show, Play Days, travelling in the truck (loves to ride!), vacuum, kids, outside cafes, nail grinder (he went to sleep while I did his nails with my Dremel), and other everyday situations. Seems good in these areas - just needs a little space to be comfortable with lots of other dogs around. He definitely is a counter-surfer. Not too hard for him, as his nose can easily poke right up to the counters edge. He responds well to a good "No" and he'll get down. At least he's a polite counter-surfer. He doesn't bark much either. Thought that was interesting for some reason. Hasn't chewed anything I know of. Also didn't seem very interested in toys or bones. Boon is just a sweet, older guy who wants and needs a good family to love him - alot. He deserves lots of love and attention.

PLACED 11 June 2003:Chance will be going to his new home with Deb and Jim Sharp and their vizsla Jake in Austin, Texas this month. Although he has shown improvement in his socialization skills, he will still need a lot of work which I'm sure the Sharps and the Austin vizsla community are very capable of. The one area Chance has excelled in is how to be a vizsla. He loves to stick his head in the refrigerator since he has learned that food is stored there. He also likes to lick the water off the shower floor after someone takes a shower. Hearing ice being dispensed from the refrigerator door sends him flying into the kitchen to beg for a piece of ice.Chance cannot get enough petting and will sit forever while you pet him. And he LOVES to play. He is also learning how to counter surf but the slickness of the linoleum on the kitchen floor keeps him from being too good at this yet. Chance would like to thank everyone for bringing him to the US!15 May 2003: Chance is a purebred vizsla but has the paws of a Great Dane. I've never seen such big paws on a vizsla! He is still rather skinny, has dandruff, many small scars on his body and legs, a botched tail docking (looks like someone started to cut it in one place but actually docked it in another), calluses on his elbows from laying on hard surfaces, and is intact. He is like any adolescent male and likes to mark but neutering should take care of that. He runs like a giant breed puppy -- all legs and elbows. He is not very coordinated and still has not gotten the hang of walking on linoleum. He is VERY affectionate once he has determined you are OK. Being the object of his affection is rather like having a linebacker hit you. <BG> He has no manners or training and will need a lot of work. He is also very mouthy but eases up as soon as you squeal. He seems to be adjusting well. I have a vet appointment for him next week to be neutered, nails trimmed, heartworm test, and complete blood panel to make sure his emaciated condition didn't affect any of his organs. I think he may just like his new life in America! 9 April 2003: Chance" is a vizsla on the island of Cyprus who needs our help. The picture is rather shocking and shows the condition he was found in 3 weeks ago. Although his condition has improved, he is not considered an adoptable dog in that country. He is extremely nice natured and responds to kindness and affection. His tail is docked which is not apparent from the photo. His colouring in the picture appears darker than actual. "Chance" needs your help to immigrate to the United States.

PLACED 15 May 2003: Tigger has been adopted by someone in Colorado. 22 April 2003:Tigger was picked up as stray and unclaimed from the Heber UT shelter. He is approximately 4-yrs old, 55 lbs, tail docked, dews removed. The shelter named him Tigger and it doesn't take long to figure out why. He can jump vertically in the air and look you straight in the eye! When put in the back yard for exercise, he of course would rather be inside with us, so he just "bounces" at the back door until we let him in. He is a total love and we can't believe his previous owners didn't care enough about him to find him. His personality is typical Vizsla as loves to be with his people and thrives on attention. Tigger gets along fine with the other dogs in the foster home but his main focus in life is humans so while he likes other dogs as companions he would also love to be an only dog to get the attention he so wants. Tigger is house and crate trained. He needs a home where he can stay inside when the family is away so that he won't be tempted to go looking for some one to play with. While we have not seen him jump the 4 foot fences, he has gotten out of the back yard and gone to the front door to find his humans. He can also be a digger is left unattended for long periods. He's a little bit of a bull in a china shop but is learning his new routine and about life in the house quickly. Anyone would be lucky to have Tigger join their family. Tigger is in Salt Lake City, UT. For more information on please contact Rebecca Dowdell, 801-272-9390 (H) or 801-581-5621 (W) or visit to fill out an application to adopt Tigger.

PLACED 19 February 2003 Hi Kay - You can take Cocoa off the website. He never did find a home, well yes he did, the foster home decided they could not give him up! Thanks. Rebecca Dowdell. 4 November 2002 Cocoa is an 8-10 yr old male who came to rescue by way of shelter and owner release. He is a wonderfully spirited older guy. He is light on his feet, loves to run and play and is particularly good in the house, around other dogs, children, people and cats and has always lived as an inside dog. He's a great bed cuddler, loves a good couch and is particularly fond of a belly rub (no surprise there!). This dog deserves a home that will allow him companionship, an indoor living arrangement and appropriate exercise.

PLACED 6 January 2003 I wanted to inform you that we found Brody. He was found by a nice couple at the McDonalds 5 miles from our house. He was pretty shaken up, dehydrated, and hungry, but he was not hurt. They saw him walking towards the road and after a while they caught him and gave us a call. I wanted to thank you for your effort in alerting people. We received one call from another Viszla owner near our area that you had emailed. He called to let us know he would be keeping an eye out too. Thank you to everyone who hoped and prayed for us. We are a very happy family again!!2 January 2003 Hello my name is Natalie Lloyd. Our 1 1/2 year old Viszla got out and ran away on New Years Eve. His name is Brody. We have put
out flyers, called around to all available humane societies and shelters. No one has picked him up yet. If you can help with our search we would greatly appreciate it!

PLACED 13 December 2002 You can remove Mr. Cooder from dogs looking for homes! He has been adopted and I got the final word last night that he is a keeper!!! Yippee for Cooder! 4 November 2002 Cooder is a healthy, happy, three-legged 7yo male from a Boise ID shelter. He has an extremely even temperament and he is positive the whole world loves him as much as he loves them. The missing leg does not seem to slow him down at all and most people who have lived with a three-legged dog will tell you they have very little trouble keeping up with the rest of the crowd. We have pieced together some of his history from a rabies tag he was wearing when he was picked up and we know he lost his leg due to an injury four years ago and he was born Jan 1995. (Cooder is in Boise ID)

PLACED 4 October 02: Thanks for asking. The dog's original owner was not found after 2 weeks of looking but I found her a wonderful home where she is very happy. 31 July 2002: I'm trying to find the owner of a Vizsla. She was found in Salt Lake City Utah on 7/26/02. Very nice well mannered young dog. Contact Sarah

REUNITED 4 October 02: Great news, we found our puppy! She showed up after 4 days. She had wandered up to a farmer's house across the road from where she was lost. We had put fliers in mailboxes of everyone in the area and also put up signs and he recognized her from the picture. She is back home, safe and sound. She is a little skinny and had 2 deer ticks on her (she is vaccinated for Lymne disease) but other then that is perfectly fine. Thanks for your help. 1 October: Lost Vizsla. Lost in central Maryland (Howard County). Puppy (9 months old), female, spayed, wearing red collar with yellow and black stripes. Answers to "Sunshine." Lost on 9/28/02. Micro-chipped.

PLACED 18 June 2002 Scotty was adopted on 6/1/02 by a wonderful family in Fresno, CA. His new owners are willing to go that extra mile to help iron out some of Scotty's problems, and his new "sister", Rika, (who was also a Rescue Vizsla) will provide doggy companionship. Scotty has a great new life ahead in his fourth and final home. 8 April 2002 TWO-YEAR-OLD VIZSLA NEEDS A HOME Scotty is a very energetic purebred neutered two-year-old male Vizsla with lots of personality.  He's a handsome guy, solid rust, weighing 60 lbs. He's a very affectionate Vizsla and loves toys, play, and lots of attention. Despite his adorable ways, Scotty does have some problems that his new owners will need to work with.  He becomes distracted and has a hard time focusing when he is in new situations, especially those involving lots of people.  He needs a very stable, structured environment where everything happens on schedule and there are no big surprises. In his foster home, he does beautifully.  He has 3 other doggy playmates to ward off separation anxiety, a loving foster mom, a routine that he understands, and he stays on the property and runs with the other dogs for exercise. He was given up by his previous owner because he was in a new situation where a dog at a park lunged at him.  He lunged back at the dog, and the other dog's owner came between them and was bitten by Scotty. The ideal home for Scotty would be one with no children, another dog for companionship, and owners  who will give him lots of attention and love in a stable home situation.  He will probably be ready to venture out into new situations in about 6 - 9 months after he has had some individual training, but he needs stability and structure in his life first. If you'd like to know more about Scotty, please contact Judy Jackson, Rescue Contact for the Vizsla Club of Northern California: 925-846-4022,

PLACED 11 April This is Holly, I listed Lady as a rescue on your website some time ago.  Happily she has found a home, so can you please have her removed from the available list?  Thanks. 1 May 2001 Lady is a Vizsla/Doberman mix that was found starving in an apartment complex in Memphis, TN.  She is probably about a year old, has had her tail docked to a nub and her dew claws removed.  She's big, I would estimate about 70 pounds.  When she was found she was skin and bone, but a woman that lives in the apartment complex took her in and nursed her back to health.  She unfortunately couldn't keep Lady because she lives in a very small apartment with no yard.  I picked her up about a month ago and have been fostering her, but she needs a permanent home, and hopefully soon as I am moving to Nebraska in June.  She is sweet and very puppyish in her behavior.  She likes other dogs, except at mealtime when she gets a little defensive over food.  Otherwise, she's not shown any aggression to my other 5 dogs, me, or kids. She is negative on heartworms, and has had a round of shots.  Her stool is healthy.  She is big and a little clumsy, so she'll need room to run and play.  She has pretty good house manners, and doesn't mind being in the crate, which is where she's been sleeping at night.  She's extremely lovable, and likes to sleep on the couch with her head in my lap when we're watching TV.  She's not been spayed yet, but I will take care of that before placement. Please let me know if you'd be a good home for this Super Size Vizsla

PLACED 25 March Lazer profile.jpg (222806 bytes) Lazer front.jpg (240034 bytes) Lazer has been adopted effective June 2001. You can view his success story on our web site at Thank you for listing Lazer on your site, but as you can see he has a forever home now. Rita  31 August "If you want to update his information, this is what is happening. He is gradually being put with other neutered males (mine) and is behaving himself. He is more interested in where I am and wants to be with me. He is spending up to 20 minutes in the backyard before he goes over the fence. I am sure he will need some kind of deterrent for that problem. HE DOES NOT RUN AWAY, he just goes to the nearest door to the house and wants in. The chasing cat problem is, if the cat runs, he will chase, and I think that is workable. He might be trustworthy around cats one day, I don't know.  This boy needs a home where he can get the individual attention he needs. That might be a big contribution to the fence jumping problem. Thanks," Rita 1 August   Lazer - Vizsla or could be Vizsla/English Pointer mix. Looks purebred Vizsla with a lot of white. He is 1.5 yrs old, neutered male, current on his shots and Rabies. Wormed for round, hook & whip worms. He was loaded with hook & whip worms and should be tested again when he is adopted. He has been heartworm tested - negative. He is a little skinny, probably due to the worms and not being a good eater. He likes to run and is very muscled. He has an extremely sweet temperament and is perfectly content to be with you and in your lap. Loves to give Vizsla kisses. PROBLEM -  1. He does not get along with other male dogs and he tries to breed all the females. He has been neutered and after all the excess hormones are absorbed he should calm down a bit in this area.  2. He also has evidentially been taught to chase cats or he associates them with rabbits. He has hunted, don't know how much, but he is concerned when he hears thunder. 3. He needs to be in a secure yard with a fence at least 6' high. He climbs a chain link/wire fence like he was climbing a ladder. Could also be a wood fence. Probably the best would be a training collar, electric wire on the fence or invisible fence. I am not too convinced about an invisible fence with a problem fence jumper. Otherwise on temperament alone, he would be great for any family.



PLACED 25 March 2002 Rafer has found a home in TN and will fly home this Saturday.  A woman who has a 6 yo female V who is a shelter rescue that she has trained in obedience and got her CGC cert.  Her rescue Grace had some similar issues to Rafer when she got her 4 years ago but those have been mostly resolved so she is ready for challenge #2!  Not many men around and neices and nephews who come to visit that Rafer will adore.  And a special thanks to Kay as this woman found Rafer on the Ingle & Mead site! Reb. 4 March 2002: RAFER Laser's Rafer Legacy was born 5/10/94, tail docked, dews off, AKC pedigree. Rafer is dark mahogany red and strongly built at 65 lbs. He was kept mostly as a kennel dog and hunted in his early years. His original owners got too old and gave him to their granddaughter and she sold him in the paper for $5.00. Rafer and a Dalmatian shared quarters but when food was tossed over the kennel fence they got in fights. Rafer appears to love all women and children (and men if women or kids are not present). In open spaces he does fine with men but he is protective in the house and will give a low growl to men at times- but only if women or kids are there. Rafer can open gate latches and needs a good secure 6-foot fenced yard. Rafer is doing fine with 2 male V's but does like his space and will at times growl other dogs off a bone or toy. He is housebroken, crate trained and is a couch and bed pro. He is neutered and up to date on shots and in good health. He is a cuddler who loves rubs and he rides well in the car. We have not let him off lead in open spaces. He is a mid-lower energy dog. Rafer will need some obedience training and more leash experience.


14 March The missing vizsla was found dead by side of road--see below Hank won't be coming home.  I found him next to the interstate this evening just before dark. I've driven this stretch every day since he got lost, never spotted him.  This evening I walked.  Can't begin to explain how I feel, so won't try. Besides I don't know how much power they run through these keyboards.  I want to thank all of you for the support you've shown.  It's made a difficult time a little easier. The one blessing in this whole mess has been to make me realize how blessed I am with good friends in dog-dom and the real world.  Thanks all, Bob Capistrant - one truely hurtin' unit. 10 March The lost dog is an intact male vizsla, 23 inches at the withers, 43 pounds.  Solid colored, reddish brown short, smooth coat.  He is wearing a purple nylon collar with Madison County Rabies Control tags.  He is also wearing a Dogtra 500 electronic collar. He was lost at about 2:30 on Wednesday March 6th from the Edwardsville Sportsman's Club.  The club is on Staunton Road approximately one mile north of Troy Illinois.  He was headed away from Staunton Road toward Riggin Road generally in the direction of the intersection with Bouse Road.  The terrain would probably turn him south toward the subdivision at the north end of Troy.  I'm hoping that the large cut bean fields will keep him away from the interstate. Any and all help is appreciated.  Please feel free to forward this to any place that may help.  I can be contacted at the email address in the header.


PLACED 14 March 2002 "Just wanted to let you know that you can take Sammy off your rescue page.  We adopted him just before Thanksgiving.  He is a wonderful, wonderful dog.  It is the biggest mystery to us why someone would ever give him up, but we are glad his path led to us."  Rebecca and Jeremy Cooper in Michigan 24 August 2001 Sammy is about a 3 years old vizsla in Las vegas, NV and is very sweet.  He would like to be umbilically attached to his person.  He is needy and wants lots of attention.  He is also mouthy.  I do not get to harsh with him about it because both he and his brother Beau seem to have been slapped around. Sammy crates pretty easily and seems comfortable.  He has some white on his chest and is very cute.  Sammy doesn't get on the furniture, but is already learning to climb into a lap.  Ideally I would like Beau and Sammy to go somewhere together, but I think they would do okay apart also.


PLACED 19 February Thanks to the  Rescue site, Scotty has a great new home in Arnold, CA.  He has another dog for a companion, daily exercise, someone at home most of the time, and an owner who will be taking him on excursions into the Sierra Nevada Mountains.  Scotty is one happy camper.  ;-) Judy Jackson, Rescue Coordinator for the Vizsla Club of Northern California  16 January 2002 Scotty, who just turned 2 years old on New Years day 2002, needs a forever home.   He's a very energetic purebred neutered male Vizsla with lots of personality.  Scotty is a handsome guy, solid rust, tail docked short, dew claws removed, about 60 lbs. He's a very affectionate Vizsla and loves toys and lots of attention.  In his previous home he slept in bed with his owners. The ideal home for Scotty would be one with no children  where the owner can be with him most of the day or one where he can have a doggy companion to keep him from being lonely.  Some of Scotty's obedience skills need fine tuning, so he needs a guardian who will take him to obedience classes. If you'd like to know more about Scotty, please contact Judy Jackson, Rescue Contact for the Vizsla Club of Northern California: 925-846-4022, .


PLACED Astro is in outstate Missouri with a foster family and will be placed from there, so it is best he be removed. Congrats to the new owners.   26 November Astro came from a litter of 13 mix Vizsla/Catahoula (we think) pups.  He has a rich chocolate brown/red coloring, short hair and is a big boy at 9 mos old.  Astro is neutered, up to date on his shots and in very good health. He is obedience trained both on and off lead, housebroken (has a little bit of submissive urination - much better) and is crate trained.  He is good w/kids, chases bunnies and has a wonderful personality.  Astro would blossom in a home where he would be an only dog with lots of attention and have a normal daily routine.  He is rather shy (loud noises and cars specifically bother him).  He has a weakness for cheese and pig ears.   Astro is being re-homed because he needs stability and settled environment NOT because he is a behavior problem.   He is currently in Arizona

1/16/02 Update Rusty was put down.  6/20/01 Update:  Rusty is doing much better in storms.  Has been going to the chiropractor - apparently had been abused ~ thrown by neck and tail - thus the nipping when roughly handled about the neck.  She is doing MUCH BETTER and I can roughen her up now, but still not big on the toenail clipping thing....  She has a funny "chattering" of the teeth when she is excited.  Is getting along better with other dogs, but would be better with dogs smaller than she is.   She is a leaner as you can see <GRIN>  As of this afternoon she is now sporting a new hot pink glow in the dark collar.  She is cool.1 May 2001 Rusty is an owner turn in.  8yo bitch - acts like she is 10.  Very mature old gal - great for those interested in an "older woman".  She is a "woo-er" and vocal.  Not a barker - just a woo-er.  She has old lady warts and a scar on her side from a prior surgery.  Owner couldn't keep her since moving in w/mother.  She is a nipper if she is roughly scratched on the back of the ears/neck.  Does NOT like that.  Other than that she is a needy sweetie!  Is great in house - doesn't like storms very well.  Up to date on shots, spayed, housebroken.  Would be great for someone who is a prior Vizsla owner.  I WiLL NOT fly her.  

REUNITED December The "found" Vizsla was claimed by the owner this weekend. The second time he went to the Humane Society, he saw her flyer about finding a Vizsla. Good news! 3 December My husband & I found a male Vizsla that has a collar, but no name tags in south San Jose, CA.  I have taken the dog to a few of the local Veterinary offices to have him scanned for an I.D. microchip.  Unfortunately, no  luck.  I have also left information with the Santa Clara County Human Society, and have driven around the area where we found the dog in hopes to find "lost dog" signs. Again, no luck.  The Veterinary office indicated that the dog looks like he is about 3 to 4 years old.  He is beautiful and in excellent condition.  It appears that he has been house broken, loves to sleep inside, and has had some obedience training. As much as I love all animals, we are not a "big dog" family and therefore must find a good, loving home for this precious dog.  Can you help??  I don't want to take him to the Humane's too heartbreaking. Please help us find a good home for this doggy. 

PLACED 13 November "Hello, beau found a home, so if you would like you can take him off your site." 24 August 2001 Beau is 7 or 8 years old rescue vizsla in Las Vegas, NV.  He is not a big male (23 in) and is very handsome. Beau is self assured, not growly with other dogs and is loving.  He tried to mark my sofa when he first got here, (for which I yanked a knot in him). He has not tried it again.  I don't think he spent a lot of time in the house. He does not get on the furniture.  I think he will counter and trash surf if not watched.  Beau kennels but complains some. He seems to be in great health and will get a vet check up and microchip soon.

FOUND 9 October Cinnamon has very definitely been found.  His owner appeared with Cinnamon at our Rescue Picnic and thanked us all for our help in trying to locate her. 31 July   Cinnamon, a 3 yr old spayed female vizsla, was lost in the Rose Gardens in San Jose, CA on Thursday, July 27. She is 45 lbs, has a tan collar with an ID tag on it.

PLACED 7 August 2001 Sapphie has now been placed in a wonderful home in Tennessee with a great young couple!  She has a brother Vizsla and another brother Lab.  They are very happy and send us pictures quite often so we can see how she is doing!  Rusty has just had 2 teeth pulled and is in rare form these days!  : )1 May 2001 According to our records, Sapphie, a semi-owner turn in (owner died but records accompanied Sapphie), is 12 years old.  She acts like she is about 5!  Vocal & great w/other dogs, Sapphie is on K-D kibble.  She takes thyroid meds and currently has a fatty tumor being removed from her chest.  She is in excellent shape and is spayed, housebroken and up to date on shots.  She is a scream and a cuddler.  Move over on the bed kinda gal!  My Vizslas have lived to be 16 - 17 years old - no reason she won't either!  Would be great for a retired person or one who doesn't want to go thru the "puppy stage" again!  Previous V-ownership would be helpful so as to understand her!  She is a definite Sapphire! I WILL NOT fly her.  

PLACED 9 April 2001 Thank you (for putting) Kaleens needs on your website! We did got many responds. Fortunately Kaleen found a new home in Mission Viejo, CA. Thanks again! Zsuzsa 29 March   We are looking for a good home for a 5 years old neutered male Vizsla. Kaleen has AKC registration, and he is from very good line. The original owner gave him up when the second baby came and the new owner, Mike can't keep him since he is working. Kaleen needs someone at home with him, who can earn his trust and calm him down, since he suffers from separation anxiety when left alone.   He is hyperactive, jumps fence and try to escape. ( In my opinion he wants to get home and have attention) He knows sit, stay, down, off and he behaves when Mike, the owner is home. Unfortunately he is working all day and Kaleen is closed in the garage. He is in So California, Huntington Beach.

PLACED 29 March Dani was adopted on Janary 27th into a loving home in San Ramon, CA.  Her new family consists of 2 doting adults and a 13-year-old neutered male Pekingese mix.  She's one happy camper.   ;-)  24 January Are you looking for a sweet, loving Vizsla who likes to snuggle with you on the couch or in the bed and doesn't require a lot of exercise? If so, Dani, a spayed female approximately 11 - 12 years old, is the dog for you. She needs a gentle owner who can be with her most of the time since she suffers from separation anxiety when left alone. She gets along well with other dogs, and has been in mourning ever since her Labrador Retriever buddy passed away. Her immunizations are up to date, and she's all ready for her new home. Dani is presently in foster care in Pleasanton, CA.

FOUND 24 January updated. 16 January On sunday, 7 january, my 2 year old, intact male was abducted from my parents' home in Leesville, La (about 35 miles across the border from burkville/jasper).  We have run newspaper ads, TV ads, radio spots, and put flyers up at numerous area business (vets, shelters, gas stations, grocery stores, etc), but there is, as yet, no sign of him. One of the neighbors has reported seeing an unfamiliar truck with Texas plates cruising through the neighborhood at around the time he disappeared, so we are expanding the search area to include our neighbors to the west.  If anyone in the East Texas area is contacted by a concern citizen trying to find the rightful owner, or by some loathsome individual looking for a breeding bitch, please contact me.

UNKOWN 12 December 2000jackie.jpg (46454 bytes) Dropped this from our listing, unkown results. 8 December 1999: I am searching for a home for a 8 yr. old Vizsla Bitch, that I am fostering due to unusual circumstances. She came from a home that loved her very much and she surely misses them too. She is very sweet and well trained however a home with no children is preferable. Anywhere in the Florida area or perhaps the Louisiana area is desired. Please contact me if you are interested, she is a lovely dog and will make a great companion.

PLACED 16 November "Good news!  Ned has been adopted by a great couple in Detroit.  They had lost  their Leo (14) in August.  Leo was in their son's wedding.  Enuf said.  I  cried all the way to the airport and home again....  UNTIL the Gyure's called  to let me know that Red Ned was in the bed with them watching tv.  He missed  me for all of 6 minutes....  So, he can come off the list. " Meghan31 August I've had Gentleman Ned for about 5 weeks now.  Seems to be maybe 9-10 years  old.  He was found wandering around the middle of Kansas.  A wonderful mature  gentleman, Ned is neutered, up to date on shots etc...  He is a bit  territorial around his food,  and some males but gets along well with the  females VERY WELL.  He is quite the ladies man and snuggler.  Expects YOU to  move over in the bed....  Typical Vizsla!!!    Would be perfect for the person wanting a Vizsla that has gone thru the  "wired stage" and is more mature and wise.  He is darling and I wish I could  keep him, but I am at my limit in the city and have an impending move next  spring.  

FOUND 9 September: Cinnamon was found and is back home with her family! You'll probably get multiple emails on this but I want you to know WE FOUND HER!  She was 30 miles away in Palo Alto.  Not a scratch on  her.  She lost 5-7 pounds and is totally happy to be sleeping under her own blanket in her own bed.  What a happy family reunion we had last night.  We never gave up. We kept getting reports of sightings.  Put pigs ears around for bait and eventually some wonderful women saw our add in the Palo Alto Times. Wonderful.  Wonderful. Jerry Estruth

PLACEDniko-1.jpg (30650 bytes)31 August "I wanted to let you know that Niko has been adopted by a lovely retired lady  in New England who wanted to give him a try.  We are hoping the placement will work out and that Niko will improve on his housetraining and manners for his new dog mommy.  He  is a big boy now - Wendy who fostered him for the past 6 weeks and her dogs helped him develop so that he has put on some weight and it's all muscle.  We hope he is not too much dog for Betty but she is going to give it her best shot!   Thanks you for posting the ad for him.  Lots of wonderful people inquired about him from around the country -- many of whom we hope to match with other  rescue dogs from their respective areas. "  Stephanie, Vizsla Club of Central New England 29 June 2000 Niko is a 2 year old neutered male Vizsla who has been in foster care for 2 months.  He came to us very wild and untrained, but very sweet and silly. He was not completely housetrained. His former owners crated him for 7-10 hours a during the day as a puppy often with no midday break and then again in the evening.  He also had lots of clumpy dandruff and gooey ears.  Various diagnostic (blood work, urinalysis, ultrasound) tests have not clarified why he needs to pee every 2-3 hours, always is ravenous and desperately thirsty; we are starting to think that these problems may be behaviorally based, but are not completely sure. He can hold it at night -- for up to 6 hours.  In the past three weeks,  his latest foster mommy began to improve upon his bad skin and coat through excellent diet, supplements, regular exercise and grooming.  Niko is very friendly with other dogs, sometimes a little enthusiastic in playing with them, but not good around cats.   He is affectionate and very very comical.  Good around kids.  He has responded beautifully to his training program and is beginning to learn some manners -- less jumping, counter surfing, not trying to steal food right out of your hand.  He is a quick study especially when he is rewarded with food.  He is starving for human affection and has bonded well to everyone who has cared for him.  He also is very responsive off leash and when exercised does not go off very far, checking in frequently. Niko needs someone who can train him with patience and diligence -- someone who has the time to basically housebreak him from scratch using the crate realistically and someone who can continue to follow-up on the medical diagnostics if necessary.

PLACED1-Morgan closeup.jpg (248271 bytes)1 August Morgan - V/Dobe mix. He is about 8-9 months old, neutered male, Dobe ears and tail. Morgan is very sweet and gets along fine with other dogs, including other males. He like the wading pool and loves to play with tug toys and other chew toys. He is approximately 47#, good health, heartworm tested negative, wormed for round, hook & whip worms (none present), current on shots and Rabies. Good eater. Likes to chase cats. Can go to home with other dogs, cats only if he >is kept away from them. He is good with adults and should be with children. He is oral just like a Vizsla, he likes to put his mouth around your arm.

PLACED Szabo.bmp (59946 bytes)31 July It was discovered that Szabo had heartworm, so he completed a successful 6 weeks treatment program while in foster care.   He is now heartworm negative and was adopted on June 25, 2000 by a couple in San Anselmo, CA who own a year-old female Weimaraner named Zoey.  They make quite a team! 7 April 2000"Szabo Szabo is a 1 1/2 old male who was found running in the Rogue River  wilderness.  After spending month in the Ashland animal shelter he was rescued by a couple who have another Vizsla and taken to there home.  They  had him for about a month and put weight back on him.  Once he regained his  strength he became to loud for them to keep as they own a Bed and Breakfast and there living quarters are upstairs.  It just became to much for them to  pack him down to stair every morning as to keep him quite so that he would not wake the guests.   Szabo is very friendly and loves to play with other dogs.  He sleeps on the floor and does not offer to get on the furniture.  He loves to go for walks  and take long hikes.  As far as we know he has not been around cats so, we can't say how he would act.  He seems to be fine with children.

PLACED 29 June Update. 5 June 2000 "Hi Kay,  Her owner turned up this am.  He will be getting her chipped as her tattoo is not traceble throught the CKC."  Thanks a lot, Elaine 25 May 2000 From Ontario, Canada "Hello list, Just got a call from a country dogcatcher about an hour away who has a lost female V. The tattoo is difficult to read and the Canadian kennel Club has no owners listed with any of the possible combinations. No chip scanner available. This is cottage country and it doesn't appear that she has been running long. The area is between Kirkfield and Coboconk in central Ontario. I will go over tomorrow if the owner has not turned up. Please spread the word"

FOUND 28 June UPDATE: I have GREAT news to report. Laszlo was found yesterday. I didn't have e-mail access yesterday or I would have e-mailed you yesterday with the news. I got a call from a volunteer firefighter in Copper Mountain at 2 am yesterday morning. The firefighter has heard something crying and went outside to investigate and found my malnourished puppy winning for someone to help him. My mom had spoken with the firefighter last Monday while I hiked the trail to find him. He remembered the missing dog and called me. He is doing well. I took him to the emergency vet hospital around 4am when I got him back into town, they checked him out. He has lost 12 lb. and was very weak and tired yesterday. He was waking up about every 2-3 hours yesterday to eat and take care of business and then go back into his crate to sleep. My husband is home with him today. Other than some raw spots under his front legs, a few splits on his paws, some tar on his coat and some big bites he is fine. I can't believe it. 8 days in the wilderness and he is back home! Thank you for you work in helping people find their dogs. I feel truly blessed that Laszlo is home. Jayme Cross 14 June: I am writing to tell you about my lost Vizsla named Laszlo. I lost him Sunday June 4th. He is 10 months old (June 1st), just shy of 50 lb., has a very small white diamond on his chest about the size of a quarter. He was neutered last month. Only one of his testicle had dropped so the vet made another incision to extract the other one. He also had a stomach hernia so there a is a slight stitch mark on his belly button where the vet went in to stitch it up. He is very affectionate, quiet and energetic. He was very well trained (sit, down, stay, come, shake, he will give "Hugs" if you kneel down by placing his paws on both sides of your head and licking you cheeks). He is thin and a fairly finicky eater. I was hiking with him outside of Copper Mountain Colorado when he disappeared. I searched for him for three days on the hiking trail, posted signs in the surrounding cities, placed lost ads in the papers, checked the shelters and spoke with many people in the area. I have kept in contact with the Dept. of Transportation (they will let me know if he gets hit by a car on the highway, which is unlikely). He did have his collar on (Green nylon) w/ rabies tags, name and our home phone number. I would appreciate any advice or assistance in finding him. He is loved very much and missed greatly!

FOUND 28 June UPDATE: Thanks,  Sunni has been found.  Not too far from home.  She is ok, a little bruised and sore, but ok. Jenni 14 June: Vizsla  Female,  18 months,  small  has only a choke collar on.  Her regular collar and tags were not on her.  Lost from truck between Concord, CA and Danville, CA Monday night June 5, 2000.  She can be timid and is probably scared and maybe injured.  She answers to Sunni. Thanks for Ben and Lisa.

PLACED Ginger003(crop)1.jpg (152794 bytes)29 June Ginger has been placed. 7 April 2000"Ginger Ginger is a 4 yr. old spayed female who is in need of a loving and patient home. Her original owner neglected to socialize her with the intent to make her into a guard dog. He also field trained her, but was unsatisfied with his results. At  1 1/2 years, he placed an ad for her. She now lives with a family of five, who have been very good to her. Although Ginger is very much a part of their family, the addition of a baby in the house is now a concern. The unpredicability of a baby through toddler age is too much pressure for Ginger. Upon a visit to meet Ginger, I found no signs of outward aggression that I was expecting, just a mistrust to strangers. After feeding her hotdogs for an hour, she finally accepted me, and I was able to pet her. She never let out a growl when I tried to pet her before she was ready, she let me know by bumping me with her nose. She was telling me, "back off, I'm not sure of you yet". Ginger gets along with other dogs, and has shown caution around cats. She is behaves in the house and does not run away when off lead. She loves to be petted and will play ball. She must have only positive reinforcement training. The ideal home for Ginger would be a home with no children and people patient enough to understand her background, and willing to work with visitors on the proper approach to her. In the proper environment, Ginger will be a loving, loyal friend to you. Thank you in advanced for your help in this matter Kathy

PLACED Buddy.bmp (110362 bytes)Buddy2.bmp (98678 bytes)29 June You can update the web site Buddy has a new home in Idaho. Thanks again for all your help. Kathy.   7 April 2000"Buddy"   Buddy is a 2 1/2 year old Vizsla/Brittany cross and loves to play.  He is a  great bed buddy and loves to snuggle.  He knows down, sit and off.  He likes to go for walks on leash ONLY as he loves to run and doesn't come back until he is tired.  He looks mostly like a Vizsla but, has to much white as you can  see from his photo.  He is very polite and takes food very gently.Thank you in advanced for your help in this matter Kathy

FOUND  (8 April): The Nevada Vizsla Baroness was found 2 miles from home. 4 April: "This lost V is 2 yo, was a little overweight (too much "love"), female on the taller side, very dark, no white. Her name is Baroness and she belongs to Karen Gifford. When she left she had collar and tags on. "

FOUND 21 March Update: Lost Vizsla in Washington Found! "Kay, Please let me know how I can contribute to this good cause of yours.  These dogs are just too sensitive to be in the wrong hands. I got my little boy back last night. I thank you all for your kind thoughts and words. At about 8:30 PM a couple called me and described Nixon.  When I went to pick him up I was surprised at the situation presented. Nixon was in their basement (no lights) hiding in a crawl space.  As I walked down the stairs, with flashlight in hand, I could hear him whimpering.  When he recognized my voice he inched his way out.  It was a very odd situation.  Why these people waited so long to contact me is  beyond me. There were many questions I wanted to ask them, but didn't as I just wanted to get him out of there. Nixon is asleep on my bed right now. (and, of course, under the covers.) Again, I thank you all for your help and support." Dan 16 March: "Nixon was last seen on Spokane, Washington's  South Hill.  He opened my back window at approximately 1:00 PM on Thursday March 11 and hit the street.  The Spokane area is adjacent to prime hunting land.  I fear he may have been picked up to be held for sale or like reasons. Nixon is a little smaller than the average male. He has two scars around his stomach and inner thigh. He also has a hint of white hair on his chest. Nixon was not wearing a collar at the time of the disappearance. He typically steers clear of people and cars. He's a loving and gentle dog, and very, very sensitive. He likes to sleep on the bed under the covers. Any assistance you can offer would be helpful.


PLACED   meka1.jpg (226846 bytes)meka2.jpg (273030 bytes)20 March " Today, thanks to the Home Page, she was adopted by Andrew P. of Susanville. We met him halfway in Oroville and he not only adopted her--he gave VCNC Rescue a donation! Thanks" Judy 15 March Meika, a  2-year-old spayed female Vizsla/Yellow Lab mix was picked up as a stray and placed in a shelter in Northern California.  I rescued her from the shelter, thinking there would be no problem placing her, even though she wasn't purebred.  However, I've exhausted our waiting list, so now I'm appealing to the Vizsla community.  I'm hoping someone out there either would like Meika for themselves or knows someone who would be just the right person for her. PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION:   Coat golden-colored, longer than a purebred Vizsla's, but shorter than a Lab's, about 50 pounds.   Body slender like a Vizsla's. Face looks much like a Vizsla--pinkish nose, no eyeliner--although ears are a bit shorter.  When I take her for walks, people comment on how pretty she is.PERSONALITY:   Adores people, is very loving,  and has an exuberant personality.  Puppyish, loves to play.   Full of energy, yet settles down nicely after exercise. She is somewhat dominant and needs an owner she can respect who can be firm with her. Good eater--gets excited at feeding time. LOVES toys and will prance around with a toy in her mouth looking very pleased with herself. HEALTH:  Meika is healthy, immunizations are up to date and she has tested negative for heartworm. TRAINING:  Sits for treats, comes happily when called (unless there's a squirrel or bird in sight), loves her crate,  housebroken, can be trusted to roam free in our bedroom without destroying things. Needs more work on leash training. TYPE OF HOME NEEDED:  Meika needs a home where she can receive love, attention, and more obedience training.  She would be a good "only" dog.  She gets along well with male dogs and most females, but doesn't get along with dominant females.  Since we don't know her history, she needs a home with no cats or young children.  She would be an excellent dog for long runs or any other strenuous activity.

FOUND 26 January Update: Thanks for the help and concern.  Just as it was getting dark, after a FULL day of calling, posting signs, contacting every Vet and Animal Shelter in the area, and calling some more.  We decided to take one more loop through the neighborhood.   Out of NOWHERE, Ficko (feetsco) shows up, full of cactus spines and with a scratched eye.  We will never know where he was, or what he learned, but we are incredibly thankful for his return.  Things are back to normal, and he is happy as can be!!!  Life is good. 6 January 2000: Lost/Stolen Vizsla.  12 weeks old. Left in yard for 10 minutes and is gone.  Laguna Beach, CA.  Name is FeetskoBeautiful male.  Has extended belly button. 

FOUND 14 November update: Ivy was found in Fairfield  CA and returned to her family. 24 September: Dog's name: IVY, Age: 1 1/2 year old. Gender: Female(spayed). Last Seen: Sept 3rd, 1999. Location last seen :Meadowlark ln Sonoma, CA schelliville area).  IVY has a whiting marking spot on her chest and little white spot on her front leg. We miss her and just want her returned home. Reward for being return back to owner is being offered. Thanks for your help.

PLACED 25 November: I am writing to let you know that Penny, the Vizsla listed on Nov 2nd is now happily at home in California. We picked her up at the airport yesterday and she has made herself right at home!  She is absolutely a sweetheart and has already worked her way into our hearts.  My two Himalayan cats find her quite suitable also! One of them slept with her in her bed last night. What a wonderful service you offer for these wonderful dogs.  Please keep up the great work. We are hoping to have Penny for a very, very long time and hope that she feels the same way about us. Also, special thanks to Deb at Harvestime in WI for rescueing Penny and taking such good care of her and also for choosing us to be Penny's permanent family. Sincerely, Sally Whiteaker, California V Lover. == Just wanted to drop you a note to let you know Penny has been placed with a family in Palo Alto, CA.  Thank you for your help! Becky Smith, Central Wisc. Vizsla Club Breed Rescue Chairperson.

PLACED 14 November: Hi there.  My name is Barb Turk.  My husband, Chris, and I are thrilled to have our new member of the family, Gus, who we found thanks to your web page.  Our five-year-old V, Ben, is also happy to have an older brother.  Thank you so much for offering this vital service!  I'd like to share a little bit about Gus on the web page and figured emailing to you would be the way to do it.  Thanks again. Gus -- what a wonderful guy!  His breeder cautioned that, "he's a great dog, but real active!"  We thought -- of course!  We know the breed!  How active can he be at 10 (going on 11) years?  He certainly puts our 5 year old V, Ben, to shame in the excitement department.  Gus exudes enthusiasm, as all Vs do, but he seems even more full of vibrant life than most.  A few times a week we go to the off-leash area nearby and people consistently express amazement that this playful, jaunty dog is now 11 years old.  (We knew he was destined for us when we discovered that he and Ben share the same birthdate.) Once in a while his exuberance gets the better of him, and he seems to get disoriented when returning to the path.  Not seeing us at first, he has on occasion headed off at top speed in the other direction.  As we have become better acquainted, he finds us sooner, and few things lift my spirits as much as seeing his happy face find mine and come rushing toward me.  Thank you so much for Gus and for this vital service you provide.  We love him!!!

PLACED 27 August update: I wanted to let you know that Fergie has been adopted.  The breeder got more involved and helped us identify a new home in NH.  Mary and Marty have had her now for a few weeks and everything seems to be working out very well. She also has a new companion Elsa, a 7 year old V, and her new people report that Fergie actually kisses more than Elsa -- something they thought wasn't possible. I was waiting to make sure that this placement was going to work out.  We got a very nice response to the ad.  Thank you so much for helping us give Fergie a new beginning. Sincerely, Stephanie Gaynor and the rest of the folks working vccne rescue. 10 July: Fergie (above) is a spry and healthy 6 year old neutered  female with AKC registration  papers and full medical records.   She is a big lean girl, weighing approximately 50 pounds.  She is all wiggles and kisses to everyone she meets and greets and she gets on very well with other dogs.  She loves her daily runs in  the woods, retrieves very well and does not stray too far whenever she is off lead. Because of her sunny outgoing personality and her great passion for running and swimming, you would never guess that she has some dominant and fearful  tendencies, which her former owners mismanaged.   Ideally Fergie's new people would have the time and  interest to work with  her to help her get over her fears and willfulness.  She needs her people to be  loving but firm.  Her life needs as much structure and consistency as possible. She has responded very well to the basic training and behavior modification program we have in place.  We have seen much progress after just a few  weeks.  With the right match, and continued hard work, we believe that  Fergie can become an excellent companion.

PLACED 27 August: Hello!  We wanted to update you on our rescue Vizsla, Russet, who you profiled some time ago.  Russ is doing very well, has matured into a wonderfully loving companion and recently earned his C.D. obedience title in only 4 trials.  He sets a terrific example for our young Vizsla pup, Teddy (who is 6 mos. old), though Teddy seems more interested in being mischevious than in following Russet's lead.  Russ has already started his Open obedience work and seems to really enjoy it.  Take care.Rich and Melina

PLACED miniV2 (2).jpg - 29340 Bytes2 August: Good News...Mini V has found a home with a vet student!  She will be well taken care of.  Thanks for putting her on your site! Jay

PLACED 16 June:
Thanks to Lucie we've learned that "about a dozen people have expressed an interest  in her and Mar assured me that she is not going anywhere but to a loving home."  14 June: "Female Vizsla  is being held in the Jefferson Pound (1 hour NW of Des Moines, Iowa).... " Christina

PLACED wpe1.jpg (12700 bytes)31 May:
"I'm just writing to tell you thank you for all your help, all of you, as Blondie got adopted yesterday by a lady from Mass.! She had contacted me via email, thanks to your web site, Kay, and she was coming this way anyway so we met her and she met Blondie and she decided to adopt her. I have also a back-up of a gentleman in Virginia  in case it doesn't work out for some unforseen reason. You can take her off your site and thank you so much to all of you for all your help and sweet Blondie would say  thank you too, if she could!" Kylenn 12 May: "I found out Blondie's true idenity. Her original owners have her parents and they are excellent hunters. The sire is a  purebed vizsla and the dam is a purebred English pointer. I don't know if you will still want her on your site, if you don't, I will understand, if you do, that would be great. Her foster mom says she's quite the lady in the house and knows the doggie door. She loves to lay on the couch or bed and gets along with her dogs. I also know she likes kids, but will jump up, but I know that can be corrected. She has a red nose,(same color as she is)she is definitely not stocky, I'd say she was thin. Her ears are not long like a coon hound, but not as short as my lab. She does have a little white on her paws ,and  small strip between her eye. Thank you so very much for your help. I will keep in touch." Kylenn

PLACED 9 May: There is a male Vizsla available for adoption  in Coon Rapids, MN. He is approximately one year old. He was a stray that was found by Animal Control around 04-22-99. He has been checked by the vet and other than being thin, appears to be healthy.

PLACED 5 May: Peggy Magyar reports that the young 8-9 month old female below has found a home. If you are interested in a rescue vizsla contact your local vizsla club's rescue chair and/or your regional rescue chair by clicking on the above link. 3 May: I have just gotten a rescue Vizsla. my local dog warden was contacted by the animal control officer in Massachusetts about a young Vizsla female who was found wandering the streets in Sheffield.  They kept her for a few weeks and called around, but no one claimed her. The local animal control called me, knowing I breed Vizslas, thinking it might be one of mine. She is about 8-9 months old, a bit small, and skinny.  Acts as if she has not had much work done- afraid of the leash, not housebroken, and on the timid side.  Friendly and not aggressive at all.  the animal people said she acted like someone's kenneled hunting dog, and she does seem to have strong hunting instincts.  she's good with the other dogs, and has met our Siamese with no ill will shown. USA, CT

PLACED 14 November: Nikki in Nevada has been adopted says Kita Morris. 8 April: "Anyway, Nikki in Nevada is very friendly, a little growly with other dogs, but no major blowups yet, and I've been "gettin' after her" when she growls.  She's about a year old, energetic, fairly nice looking, long tail and dewclaws attached. My initail thoughts of her is that she will be a fairly easy placement for someone who realizes the acitivity level of a 1 yo dog.  In addition the "breeder" mentioned she is only partly housebroke, but I don't believe much attention went into that little detail of Nikki's life. Please put her on any lists you have for waiting V parents. Thanks, Kita."

Updated 3 May (8 April):
Charlie is no longer available.

Updated 3 May (8 April):
Maggie is no longer available.

PLACED 31 May: Gus, the 10 yr old male vizsla, has been adopted. 22 March: Gus still needs a home! I talked to a breeder friend last night(Jan 12).  (Midwest) He has a ten year old neutered male returned to him.  Gus is a nice guy that was a long standing family friend, until his family suddenly became full time caretakers to toddler grandchildren.  It was too stressful for the grandparents to have toddlers and a dog that loved them too much.  The breeder says that Gus is a great dog.  No problems with temperament ect.  He is great in the house, but he is still an active vibrant guy.  And is looking for a new situation.  The breeder also has a retired bitch that he is looking for a home for.  The bitch doesn't adapt to change well, he is looking for a place on the couch with a retired couple." 

PLACED Duncan.jpg (57098 bytes)8 April: Duncan has a new home! The good news is that Duncan has been placed in Tucson with a woman who uses a wheelchair and her husband.  Duncan was evaluated by my trainer who used to be in charge of training at Handidogs and felt that Duncan was up to the challenge of having a job.  The woman is an experienced dog owner and trainer so Duncan will have the homelife needed to manage his energy level.  The woman reports that they are all totally in love.  BTW, she has renamed him Mac. 21 March: Kay, Finally I have a photo of Duncan.  He is now neutered and available for adoption. Amy is now in possession of a very lively 1 1/2 yr old  male. This new fellow (aka Duncan) is an average sized male...probably 23" and 48-50#. Duncan is a very active young dog and needs a home where he can be properly exercised. He is not yet trustworthy in the house alone so crating him will most likely be advisable. An owner will also need to make a committment to training Duncan. On the bright side...Duncan is just a doll! He is very sweet and quite a comedian. He gets along well with the other dogs and would probably let you pet him all day (except when he is busy playing!). Duncan isn't a choice for a low energy home. He probably isn't the best choice for a first vizsla unless you've owned other very high energy dogs (ie an english pointer...cocker spaniels don't count). Duncan is going to make a wonderful pet...he isn't any more active than your typical 1 1/2 yr old male vizsla, but I think that we can all agree that is pretty darn active! If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

PLACED BeauPC.jpg (30652 bytes)14 January: Attached is a photo of Beau in his new home. Beau arrived in So. CA. 19 March and has certainly settled in with his new canine companion PC. PC is also a rescue dog. Beau starts obedience classes this month. Beau's new owner said "Beau has a home for life here with me." It is these wonderful adopting families that make "Rescue" work. Jeanne 21 March: Beau was happily adopted by a resident of Southern CABeau will be sharing his new owner with another young rescue dog. I understand Beau and his new canine companion are getting along famously as they romp in a great yard. The long flight from Dulles in VA. to Los Angeles apparently did nothing to diminish Beau's natural Vizsla bounciness. We wish Beau and his new family the best. Jeanne Liz Jurgens, Conestoga Vizsla Club. 2 March: "In the Washington D.C. metro area, we have two dogs available. Beau is a 9 month old male. He is very loving and is good with children. He gets along well with other dogs but not cats and other farm animals. He is definitely a candidate for obedience training. He is destructive and will need special attention and training in that area. He is a handsome boy, but a bit oversize for a male Vizsla. "

PLACED 7 March:
First I'd like to thanks all the kind, wonderful people out there who were willing to adopt Rose.
Thanks to all who supported me in my effort to find her a home. Rose went to her new home yesterday. A lady from upstate NY who had lost her rescue vizsla because of cancer called me. I told her that Rose was no young chick and she answered me by saying " I'm not a young chick either and us old girls got to stick together". Well, yesterday we met in Monticello at the show. She went back to the van with me to meet Rose. Rose came out of the crate, jumping and licking me. "Oh, what a sweet girl," Mardi said. We walked and talked about Rose some more so that Mardi could decide if she would like to take Rose home with her. "I'm going to take her home" she told me "she’s such as sweet old girl." Mardi had brought a leash for Rose and clipped it on, I got Rose's things out of my van and we walked to Mardi's Explorer. She had it all set up for Rose with a big dog bed, and water for traveling. Rose jumped right into the car and sat on the bed as if she knew it was for her. We talked a few more minutes, I gave Rose a hug and kiss good-by with tears in my eyes. I knew she would be happy but I was going to miss her. Last night I called Mardi to see how they made out. She told me that she had to stop for gas, coffee and lunch and every time she re-entered the car Rose gave her a big kiss. She also told me that Rose was doing well walking around the house, investigating. She was very interested in Briggs toys and the chair that he was allowed to sit. She had not jumped up into it yet. I asked her how she was doing on the tile flooring and Mardi said she was not having a problem. It sounds to me as if is a very good match and Rose and Mardi are going to have a lot of love to give to each other. I know that Rose is going to enjoy all the walks that she will be going on with Mardi and GOD BLESS MARDI for taking a chance on an old girl and taking her into her heart. Dee Chuisano

PLACED 14 February Update: Today (Jan 25), a wonderfully nice couple that I met at the Phoenix specialty drove to Tucson to meet Rex.  Not surprisingly, they fell in love with him (and he with them) and are going to adopt him.

NEVER FOUNDMissing.jpg (44324 bytes)Sam61.jpg (27283 bytes)18 June 2002 Hi Kay, I don't know if you'll remember me, but I'm sure you remember our V Sam who was lost 3+ years ago. I happened to be going through the Rescue / Found pages of your vizsla web site & noticed that it was listed that Sam was found. That is not the case. Unfortunately, we have never heard another word about his disappearance. Our Sam was never found. Donna   2 August 99 update: Sam is still missing in Wisconsin. Even though he's been missing for 5 months now, his owners still have some hope he may return. 3 May update Update on lost dog Sam. Today is Sam's 3rd birthday.  He should be spending it at DairyQueen eating an ice cream cone with Shelby.  Instead, we don't know where he is or if he is even safe.  The last reported sighting was on 3/31 in the same 5 square mile area he had been spotted in since the day after he disappeared.  Two separate good samaritans at separate times saw him, got out of their vehicles and tried to call him to them.  In both cases, he just simply ran the other way.  He was still wearing his collar, although whether his tags were still attached is not certain.The weather has been relatively warm, for Wisconsin.  Certainly warm enough for him to survive it.  But the tourist season is starting in the Crivitz area.  The area is innundated in the spring and summer by tourists from southern Wisconsin and Illinois.  Traffic increases in that area ten-fold on the weekends.  It has now been 7 weeks.  People keep telling us not to count -- but how can we not?  While common sense is telling us that the chances of our being reunited are slim, we still hold on to the hope that some sort of miracle will happen and my Sammy will be back in my arms soon.   Until then we continue to wait and pray. Happy Birthday Sammy -- wherever you are 21 March Update: Wisconsin Vizsla Still Lost I wanted to send out a post to update you all on Sam's situation.  He has now been missing for 12 days.  The last confirmed sighting we have of him is from 7 days ago.  A woman is "positive" it was Sam she saw walking in the same area he was last spotted (20 miles south of where he was lost from) on Thursday 3/4 at 2pm.  A man saw a "smaller dark dog" with a big black & white dog in his yard Saturday night 3/6 - but he's unable to identify the smaller dog as Sam. Thanks go out to Karen Hooks for her idea of flyers in every mailbox.  We distributed about 1000 last weekend.  (We also got a negative resopnse, but no fine, from the USPS about our flyers.)  The flyers generated many calls from people who had seen Sam earlier in the week.  These calls have given us clues as to where he was at particular times.  I also spent about 18 hours driving, walking and calling Sam's name and talking to residents last weekend in the area where he was seen.  We now have literally hundreds of people on the lookout for Sam in that area. Thanks also to Kay Ingle for putting Sam's picture and story on the vizsla home page.  We need all the exposure we can get. Unfortunately, it's also exposure that we're worried about for Sam.  The temperatures were VERY cold (dipping below zero) last Friday and Saturday in the area where he was thought to be.  Honestly, if he hadn't found some sort of shelter, I don't know if he could have survived it.  We continue to pray that Sam has found warmth and food in someone's home or barn or garage or somewhere he can be out of the elements.Our biggest obstacle has been people's unwillingness to approach a stray dog.  A few weeks ago in the area where Sam was lost a 5 year old girl was killed by 2 stray dogs that her parents had "taken in".  Although Sam is extremely friendly, people are understandably wary.   Shelby is very depressed.  We are doing all we can to keep her occupied, but she misses Sam terribly.  She is doing a lot of sleeping these days. She does come along when we go out looking for him.  She sits on the front seat of the truck looking out the window and scanning the road sides.  She definitely knows what it is that we're doing -- and she wants to help. Please keep us in your prayers and keep your fingers crossed.  We're not giving up on Sam!!!!  9 March 1999: "On Sat 2/27/99 at 9pm, while up at our cabin in a very remote area near Crivitz, WI, Sam ran away. The circumstances are baffling. It's a very long story, but he was not just looking to wander. He is not a wandering dog. He was not left outside unattended. He became scared, something snapped and he felt he needed to get away from the cabin. Our dogs are not familiar with the area outside our 160 acres. They don't leave our property. To make a VERY long story short, Steve called Sam and followed Sam's trail off of our property while I made the 3 hour trip up to the cabin. We then tracked him until 4am when we lost his trail. At first light (6am) we found his tracks again and continued to track him through the day Sunday. Although we saw his tracks around cabins, no one had seen him at all. We got a call at 5:30 pm Sunday 2/28 that he (or a dog very much like him) had been spotted 20 miles south but wouldn't go to people. They said he looked like he was looking for someone in particular (US!). That is the last sighting we have of him. Sam is microchipped and is wearing a blue nylon collar with tags. I have contacted all the sheriffs' departments and all the humane societies between here and there and then some. I have faxed a flyer to all the high schools in that area. We have signs posted in that area. I have faxed flyers to the grocery stores. Obviously, we are offering a reward for his return. My reason for posting this to the list is very simple. I want to notify as many V-people as possible that Sam is missing. He is a very friendly dog and will not bite. Sam is our family pet. Sam was lost from the Harper Rd area in town of Silver Cliff 9pm 2/27/99. Last seen near Hwy W & Parkway Road (Marinette County) on 2/28/99 and 3/2/99. Since he's capable of covering a lot of ground in a short time, we don't have any idea where he might be.

PLACED looney.jpg (3141 bytes)4 April Update: "Just a note to let you know that Looney has been adopted.  Might want to take him off the web site as a rescue.  Thanks for all your help.  I had contacts all the way from England!" Meghan Tallman 8 February Update: "Wow!  Had alot of inquiries re: Looney.  Have kept names/addresses due to hunting season ending last week and we are expecting more rescues re: dogs that didn't work out.  At any rate, can you take Looney's name out of commission now.  Hopefully he will be staying with Mr. Gibson for the rest of his days." 26 January:  "I have attached pic of "Looney".  He is a handsome boy, 18 mos old, but w/dew claws & undocked tail. He is a typical "teenager" and would need someone familiar w/breed and obedience. Hates  cats. Was found. Got loose from the family, hit by a car, broke some ribs and punctured a lung. One of the toddlers in the family fell on him. Looney nailed the kid and so now he is at the Humane Society."

PLACED Holly.jpg (5640 bytes)12 February Update: "I just received Holly yesterday 2/12.  If it weren't for your page, I would not have her at all!!!   My heart goes out to rescues.  Wish I could have them all!!! However,  she is doing GREAT.  In the kitchen watching for any scraps.  She has adjusted well and enjoys playing with her new brothers!! AGAIN  thank you for your services!!!" Katrina 2 Feburary Update: "Just wanted to announce to Kay and her list and the Vizsla ListServ that enough funds and pledges have arrived to cover the $1300 in medical expenses for Holly.  She is one happy girl and I will post a longer story later this week and announce her new home!!!  Thanks again for all your support, notes of encouragement, and faith in V's!!! I appreciate her getting to be the "poster child" this month and urge folks to get involved in any way they can with rescue. (Kay could you remove the request for additional funds and just change her to a happy rescue child.) Boy it is great to be involved with such a grand bunch of folks who really open their hearts and wallets to animals in need.  Rescue is work but when you get such great support, I hope I don't burn out for a long time!!!!" (Original 21 January posting):  Rebecca Dowdell wrote:  "As many of you may remember I rescued a 2 yo female V from a shelter near  Salt Lake in mid December. She was spayed and all was going well until  last week when she immediately fell sick after eating. We rushed her into   the vet and after xrays, blood tests and an ultrasound, it was determined  she needed immediate surgery to prevent her from bleeding to death. The  problem was an aneurism of a blood vessel near her tummy. It could have  been caused by a blow to the body or just have been "a fluke" problem as  some aneurism are. The total amount for her medical bills is near $1300  ($109 spay, $206 xrays, lab work, $985 surgery blood/ transfusion/hospital  stay of two days).   Holly is a 100% adoptable dog and in fact I have three homes who have  placed applications with me and as soon as she gets the all clear I will  place her with one of these fine homes. She is all V, wiggly, loves  couches, beds under cover, and playing tag with my two boys.