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Should you need to list a dog here, please send dog's name, gender, age, problems/pluses, along with a contact and phone and/or email address to Vizsladogs, Ltd rescue. RESOURCES: In the USA the VCA has a program VCA regional rescue coordinators . Internationally there is a group as well International listing of Rescue . (To assist Rescue Efforts please see the Vizsla Mall to find items for sale that benefit rescue.)

21 November 2006 Amber & Austin are looking for a home where they can stay together as they are very devoted to each other. They are purebred Vizslas who might be perfect for a senior hunter or as wonderful house companions. Amber is about as mellow as a vizsla can be and loves to lounge in the sun or on a dog bed. Austin is more active and loves to chase tennis balls. Amber & Austin made it out of a UT shelter on the 24th of December as we received a last ditch call to save them. They were found running loose and they had matching collars but no ID tags. Amber & Austin are 8-yr old littermates, born approx Oct 1996. Information from the previous owner is that all of the pups looked to be pure except Amber, who was "fluffy". Based on input from the Vizsla community, she carries the long-haired gene which is rare but happens occasionally. Amber is 22 inches 50 lbs, Austin is 24 inches, 60 lbs, tails docked, dews removed. Both are house and crate trained, are good on vet visits and at the boarding kennel, like to chew bones, give kisses and go for car rides. No cats! They know heel, sit, come, kennel, and get em up (find the birds). Neither is gun shy, afraid of thunder or fireworks and both like the water. Amber & Austin are in Salt Lake City UT.... complete bio, photos and adoption application at

22 August 2005 Louie is a mixed Vizsla whose owner can no longer take care of him. He is a good boy - typical teenager. He is about 1yo, sleeps inside next to your bed, is housebroken. He is good with kids, other dogs, is leash trained and is neutered. Has not been hunted over. Contact Amy at
or Meghan.

9 January 2005 Other dogs up for adoption: website

13 June 2002 Bella, our 4 month old vizsla ran off in the woods with our 3 yr old English springer on Thurs evening June 5th around 5PM. This had been their habit to run in the 250 acre woods that surround our property. They always came back together. Bella did not return. We combed the woods for hours and hours, then days and days. We are heartsick. Someone spotted her the next day 6/6 on the paved road 3/4 miles from our home. Someone else spotted her 2.5 miles from our home on Sat. 6/7 running with another dog. She was wearing a pink collar, 4 months old, weighing 15- 20 pounds. Very sweet, loves people. I am hoping someone adopted her and will see our signs and our ads and return her. We miss her terribly. Jeanie Redick, Virginia USA (540) 989 - 7230 or

18 June 2002: Diggi is a seven year old male Vizsla/Lab mix. He was rescued by his current owner, Dottie, along with two other nonrelated Vizslas, but now Dottie has grown sick and must move to Chicago with her daughter. She can only keep one Vizsla at her daughter's home. Dottie chose to keep OIivia, who was also rescued, because Oilivia was sexually and physically abused as a puppy and is consequently less open to people. Diggi, on the other hand, is happy, friendly and loving towards other people, so Dottie thinks it will be easier to place Diggi successfully. Dottie already found a great home for her third Vizsla here in West Virginia. Diggi is the only one still in need of a good home. Diggi was the result of an "accident" between a Vizsla and a Lab. All of Diggi's litter mates were killed, except Diggi, because Dottie learned of him and rescued him. Diggi is an inside dogs who also loves to run and play outside. Diggi is fully house-trained and sleeps in the bed. He loves to play ball (as evidenced in the attached picture) and is very happy. Diggi gets along well with other dogs (he lived with 2 other rescued Vizslas and for a short period of time with a rescued golden retriever), with cats, and with children. He rarely barks. Diggi is not neutered, but is up to date on all of his shots.If your organization can help place Diggi, or if you know of anyone who can help place this handsome man, please let me know as soon as possible. I am willing to pay transportation costs associated with getting Diggi to his new home. My telephone number is 304/926-6827 at home and 304/347-5024 at work. My email is

29 March 02 Chester is in great need of a permanant home. Some of you may remember that one of our wonderful list members got Chester into rescue in January of this year. Bless you, Charli! Chester is approximately 8-10 years old and has had some injury to his hindquarters. He gets around great now and is taking Rimadyl to reduce inflamation in the injured area. His overall health is great - his bloodwork came back with no problems. Thyroid good, heart, eyes, lungs good. No heartworm. He is a real character with his sweet face and huge chest and feet. He weighs about 45# and has white markings on his toes. Chester is a world-class couch sitter and loves nothing better than to have his ears and tummy scratched. He is house-trained well; plays well with other dogs (he's played with as many as 8 vizslas at one time); Has no problem with cats (just ignores our cat); loves to point birds and squirrels; LOVES to ride in the car; Is crate trained and sleeps in his crate very well - Not a peep til time to get up in the morning; Loves all people and will lean on you to get petted. Chester would do very well with someone who has a less active life-style and wants a great companion to hang out with. Chester loves going for walks and is getting better on his lead. We're working on "heel" still. He would also be a great addition to someone's Vizsla family, too. If any of you out there are willing to take this great little vizsla and give him a permanent home, please contact me via email: Karen Sullivan

16 January 02 We adopted a female Vizsla mix in October 2000. She was found on the street in Ann Arbor, Michigan emaciated but very affectionate. We have several other dogs and Lucy is not meshing well with them. She constantly fights for food and attention and has caused injury to the oldest dog. We have tried to work with her along with the advice of our Vet and have now been told it would be best to place her in an only dog home or put her down. Can you help? Thanks, Renee Elliott Re/Max On The Trail (734) 453-8911