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Sharon Simpson

1997: The first Vizsla I met had me hooked. I had been asking around at dog shows, looking for a different *short-haired* breed (I already had a golden retriever and enough vacuum cleaner bags to last a week or two). I wasn't a "dog" person and couldn't justify spending what seemed at the time an exorbitant amount of money for a puppy. I hounded rescue people across the country for months before Bev Wanjon of Russet Leather Kennels in Santa Clarita, CA came up with Lightning for me.

He was 3 1/2 years old when he came home with me - returned to the breeder by a family that no longer had time for him. A challenge at first, he was skittish and untrained. The more I worked with him, the more we loved him. We finished his breed championship last summer before we moved from California to Kentucky. His obedience career is stalled for now, with one leg on his CD, since we're not too fond of indoor shows (don't see many of those in CA!). We're thinking about trying hunt tests since Lightning's discovered birds on our property in semi-rural Shelbyville.

The next Vizsla for our home will be a puppy, maybe in the spring of '97, when I can talk my husband into a third dog . . . It will be fun to raise one from "scratch". Can't say enough about those red dogs!

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