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David & Christine Ryan

David & CHristine Ryan's Reiver of Winnoch. Bred in Scotland by Mrs. V. Janet Anderson, born 10th September 1994. He has an attention space on about 10 seconds and is always looking for something else to occupy his mind....however, he's also a consistent winner in the Show ring, a good hunter, and a generally fun dog.

Pitswarren Crispin born 7th December, 1988 Christine's favourite Vizsla, did well in the show ring as a puppy, but never matured into a quality show dog, look at that neck. Spent months training him for the field and gun, he never liked it, I should have spent those months studying a foreign language for all the good he is around a gun. He has to excel at something and he does, he is most faithful, consistent and smile generating companion you could wish for, really soft and loving, and ever so tolerant of the other two vizslas. Children and babes can pull him about till their hearts content - he just stands and takes it.

The old girl, Pitswarren Zephyre of Russetmantle born 27th March 1986, David may have known something about Field Craft and Game, when we got Zephyre, but she did most of his learning for him on Vizslas. A dream of a bitch with a willingness to please, and very competent in the Field, even got several awards in Field Trials, up to and including All Aged Stakes. Never consistent, and always had something up her sleeve, usually towards the end of the day when you thought you were doing well. Still does the odd half day, here and there, in the shooting field, and will show the youngsters how its done, should they fail and give her the chance to show off!

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