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Tom & Joanne Revesz

1996: The pictures and text were received from Tom and Joanne. They can be reached at: Our two year old vizsla was born in Budapest and transported here to Arabia when he was eight weeks old. he got used to the heat in the desert quite quickly and loves roaming the sand dunes. We take him for his daily walk/run to a flat desert area. There is not much in the way of bird life in the desert and Ben tends to chase locusts instead of birds. He also gave us a bit of fright when he decided to give chase to a large dromedary, the Arabian camel. They have a vicious kick and Ben narrowly escaped becoming the first flying vizsla of the Middle East. Last week, while going on our regular walk we came across a large herd of goats tended by a goat herder. Bence stayed close to us but as we drew nearer one of the goats broke into a run and it was all too much for Ben to stand. He was off in a flash, rounding up the straying goats who all started complaining in a very strange guttural voice. Following the lead goat (?) they all took off in a fast trot towards the nearest farm, leaving the goat herder swearing behind. Ben chased them for a short while and came back when we whistled to him. Needless to say we received no thanks from the herder who was totally non-plussed by our vizsla's newly found skills. Perhaps herding skills came from hunting in packs and come naturally to all Vs.

"Bence" sitting, he is not a happy chap when we leave him to go to work!

"Bence" standing and checking what Joanne is cooking for dinner.

"Bence" in profile.

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