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Sidney & Lucy

1996: Here is a new profile from Doug Parizeau in Massachusetts (Please note that these are very large photos and may take a while to download.) To contact Parizeau send e-mail to

Our Vizsla Lucy is 13-months old and still very puppy-like. She is pictured here with her constant companion Sidney, who is our 2.5-year old female Bull Terrier mix. While Lucy is quite submissive to all unfamiliar dogs, she and Sidney have some pretty exciting wrestling matches where she pretends to be a true warrior. We purchased Lucy as a pet, and indeed we've been told that she has a few minor flaws -- she's small for Vizslas (she's 40 pounds full grown), her ears hang sort of low, and the two white marks on her chest are not ideal. In any case, she's everything we expected and more, and a champion pet.

Here is a younger Lucy again with Sidney.

And here they are running on the dunes of Cape Cod.

Lucy was born 5/26/94 to breeder Nancy Baybutt of Mattapoisett, MA, who is excellent. Lucy's registered name is Lucille Sienna Gold, and her parents are Ch. Sienna Gold Encounter (sire) and Ch. Sienna Gold BB Resolution CD JH (Dam).

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