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Todd Miller

1997: Todd sent us a number of pictures to choose from for this proifle. It was hard but below are some of the wonderful shots he was able to capture with his camera. Some you may find familiear? Tod can be reached at todd2183@flash-net. I got my first Vizsla, Shelby, a little over 5 years ago. I soon realized how much love and attention she needed after tearing a few things up in the house. I then went through a divorce and decided Shelby needed a playmate since there was only myself now. I called the Northern California Vizsla Rescue and three weeks later I had Eddie. He was a rescue male who, at 2 years of age, had been at three different homes. The last being in San Francisco with no yard. These dogs need to have places to run. I was called in he morning and was told I had to go pick-up Eddie right away or the owner was thinking about taking him to the pound. I called in sick to work, went and met Eddie and things have never been the same. Eddie is a lover who just needs attention. My dogs are like the children I never had. I joined the Vizsla Club and met some great people. They even had a Vizsla rescue picnic and Eddie and I received an award along with all the Rescue dogs that year. Thanks, again, to the Vizsla Club Shelby and Eddie are best of friends.

Shelby as a puppy outside in the garden.

Eddie on left, Shelby on Right in the garden -- the best of friends.

Shelby (left) and Eddie (right) relaxing in their favorite spot.

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