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AM CAN CH Taunee's Cariann

1996: Lynn Worth presented a very touching tribute at the 1995 VCA National Events for the induction of Cariann into the VCA Hall of Fame. Along with a picture of Cariann, we have received permission to duplicate her acceptance speech.

As we walk through life we create for ourselves dreams and fantasies that keep us going. We also choose paths for ourselves to walk -- and sometimes these paths choose us. I can't determine whether I chose Vizslas to share my life -- or they chose me. No matter. If I had never had Taunee's Cariann in my life, I'm sure I wouldn't be standing here today. I would probably have taken a different road -- maybe had a little more money -- maybe been another person in another life. But to say that it would have been a better life without her is to tell a lie.

She was a wonderful dog -- a Vizsla that I could loan to a friend to see if her child was allergic to dogs -- a Vizsla that knew to lie down next to a severely disabled child and protect it -- a Vizsla that gave me the best love and loyalty I have ever experienced. My life would have been impoverished without her. My children's lives would have been impoverished without her. And there are so many people with Vizslas here today that wouldn't have been in this room without her.

I am deeply honored that she has taken a place in the Vizsla Club of America's Hall of Fame. I am thrilled that her granddaughter -- the first Best in Show bitch in this country -- is taking her place in the Hall of Fame alongside her grandma. I would like to thank Marion Coffman who suggested I might like to buy her after she saw my first non-show quality Vizsla in the ring and Linda Greenfield who bred her and sent her to me with a note that read, "May she always remain the special little lady she is today." Little did we all know. I would like to especially thank the members of the Vizsla Club of Greater New York who nominated her and believed in her contribution to the breed. It is because of you that she made it. And, I would like to thank everyone out there who supported her.

Jean Rhodes, an old and special friend of mine, whose bitch, a Cariann great-granddaughter, went Best of Opposite at last year's Specialty once wrote, "And not the least of their passing, is that they take with them some of the best years of our lives." Thank you.

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