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Lisa Clowdus

In May 1995 Lisa Clowdus sent some photos and text for us to input -- our first! If her name is familiar it's because she is one of the instigators of the Vizsla Listserv and is the author of the official Internet Vizsla FAQ.

Sisza with her 2nd place Vetrans (12 and over bitch) rosette and Parade of Titleholders ribbon. From VCA's 1995 National Events.

Gunner, left, and Ch. Piroska Sisza Crackerjack (Sisza), right, waiting for Lisa to give them a treat (5/95). Gunner and Sisza are 13 years old and cousins. Bart and I have had Gunner for 13 years and adopted Sisza from Marilyn Fowler in 1993. Thanks, Marilyn, for sharing her with us - we are so lucky to have her!

Bart with Gunner and Lisa with Sisza on the day we went to pick Sisza up and bring her home (3/93). Gunner and Sisza got along great, right from the start.

Gunner sleeps under our cat, Mickey, while Sisza looks on (12/94). Sisza used to chase cats - when we first brought her home, she ran up to Mickey expecting her to run. Mickey thought it was Gunner and completely ignored her. Sisza decided the cat must be broken and quickly accepted her as part of the family.

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