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Penny J. Leisch

2004: Red is an 11-year-old Vizsla who lives with Penny and Michael Leisch in Chandler Arizona. When he was rescued six years ago, many people on the listserv and several rescue coordinators kindly gave their time to answer questions and help us when he arrived in our home. He was wonderfully sweet and very, very sick. This fellow will be one of the feature stories in the Loving Pets Magazine August/September 2004 issue ( Our success is due in part to the Vizsla Home Page, and the ability to easily contact experienced people. We wish to offer our belated, but sincere, thanks.Today, Red lives with a rescued Basset Hound and a rescued Maine Coon cat, and he swims for exercise. He had to give up chasing his beloved tennis balls after he had hip surgery in 2003. As a hobby, he collects pets and attention from our five grandchildren.

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