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Irene Kokai

Jan 2000: "Enjoy looking at the vizsla website.  It is strange, but before we adopted out dog, Chester, I kept looking at the vizsla web, and I think that it was Chester who sent me the vibrations "hey, here I am, I need a good home..." Chester was adopted from New York, and he is happy in Connecticut with us. He was not an abused dog, only the owner could no longer keep him, gave him back to the breeder and then he got on the "rescue" list.  Chester is beautiful, bright, (also very stubbon and a real con-artist) and we are very happy with our "full-time dog." My great respect for animal rescues, and in my case my thanks to John Morris, head of the Connecticut Vizsla Rescue who got us Chester.  Pet rescue groups are great ways to get nice pets. Here is Chester in 1999. "  Ir'en

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