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1995: [Written by Patty Mead.] Kay Ingle is the founder of the Vizsla Home Page(started in 5-21-1995) and oversaw its development into the Vizsladogs, Ltd. Vizsla Home Page a decade later in 2005. She has been active within the Vizsla community for quite a while now. For her local club she has been a member of Board of Directors and had held various positions such as President in mutliple years. She was the editor of the Vizsla-Letter from Jan 93 to Jan 95 and the publisher of the National Vizsla Association newlstter for several years as well. She has also been a member of board for the Vizsla Club of America. Her major interest, more recently, has been with cotinuing her rescue efforts and guiding the Vizsladogs, Ltd. through non-profit status to ensure its continuation as a community resource.

Brit (Highlander's Take It To The Limit JH).


This is CH Gold Run Dandy's Troika JH, CGC (aka "Toby") at 18 months.

This picture is one I took of Russet Leather Chenoa JH, CGC (left) and Casey (right) with the giant Sequioa trees in the background. We were on a weekend trip in 1990 to the Sequioa National Forest. (Unfortunately Casey died at the age of 4 years. when he escaped from our fenced yard and was struck by a car. Chenoa died in 2005 at the age of 14 years. )

This is a picture of my very first Vizsla, Cleo. She was a rescue Vizsla (from North Carolina) and 10 years old in this picture. Her original owner did not exercise her and then physically punished her when she destroyed things in his apartment. She was 18 months old when I adopted her from the animal shelter. All of her life she was afraid of people, especially men, and could not be trusted off leash. However, with people she knew, the sweet Vizsla temperament would overcome her fear and she could snuggle with the best of them!


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