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Jennifer True

2000: My name is Jennifer True.  I live in Tallahassee, Florida with my 14   week old puppy, Macie.  My boyfriend, David (of 3 years), also has a vizsla of 14 weeks old named Cody.  Macie and Cody are litter mates  (brother and sister).  Macie and Cody are from a litter of 5 that we had on Aug.24,2000.  David's parents, Bess and Bill Edwards, have 3  vizslas (Penny, Patty, and Tyler).  Penny is the mother of Cody and Macie.  Further, Patty is the mother of Penny and Patty is originally from Israel.  The father is Saywer, a vizsla champion, and friend of  ours.   (Her name is Karen and she is the one who got everyone interested in vizslas initially!)  Also, From our litter David's sister Christy is keeping the other girl puppy.  She has named her Copper.  AND, David's parents have added a fourth (and final) vizsla on of the other male puppies from the litter named Bruty! We love all of our vizslas...they are a wonderful part of the family!

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