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Pam Hidaka

2004: Listserv member and fellow Vizsla lover Pam Hidaka sent some photos for the Vizsla Home. Pam met a Vizsla in England in the mid-1970's and it was love at first sight." Since then, 11 Vizslas have been counted as family members. Over the years, they have dragged her through the show and obedience rings, as well as through the bird field. Pam served on the VCA Board of Directors for 7 years, was the 1981-84 Pedigree Book Chair, and is presently the Breed Improvement Chair. Email:

Ch Fantazsa's Musashi (by Ch Caveat's Bet on Black x Ch Fantazsa's Classic Kivancsi). Mushi is a 3rd generation Fantazsa Vizsla. He finished his show championship with all majors. He also enjoys pheasant hunting and fly fishing in drift boats.

Ch Fantazsa's Classic Kivancsi at 6 weeks of age by Ch Vintage Magnum of Magnifico x Vot Zdorova Fantazija CD.

Boze and Sporty at 12 weeks, by Ch Surfstone Jaybren's Csibesz x Ch Fantazsa's Classic Kivancsi.

Ch Fantazsa's Classic Magenta (1982-1993) at age 6 months by Ch Viztaos Tazz v Exodus x Vot Zdorova Fantarija CD (1982-1993).

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