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Rich and Melina Black

In September 1998, we wrote to tell you about our 16-month old Vizsla, Russet, who we adopted through the Twin Cities Vizsla Club's rescue program. Thanks for your response to our e-mail. Russet is still doing very well and has recently started some obedience work. To date, he has either qualified or placed in each of the fun matches he has entered (in Novice A). Not bad for a rescue dog no one wanted! . This is Russ curled up in his favorite Christmas blanket.

Ae17.jpg (10591 bytes)We've attached a picture of our new puppy who came home with us only last Saturday.  His name is Teddy (Rebel Rouser Thunder Cloud) and he is a load of energy.   He and Russet get along famously, though, and Teddy truly idolizes Russet. 

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