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Scott Daniels

2001: My beloved and beautiful little vizsla girl died a week ago. I have a nice recent picture of her, and I wonder if you would consider positing it and a eulogy in your website: It's a special and unusual thing to develop a close relationship with a pet. Some may discount the significance of caring for a non-human so deeply, or question whether that affection is returned. I am fortunate to not have to doubt either. Through a divorce and eleven years of life's ups and downs Princess Kati and her faithful sidekick Alex have kissed and spooned and entertained me. I have such incredible memories of this very special little girl, but mostly I think about how much she loved life and all the people in it. On the morning of November 18th 2000, lying in her Daddy's arms, Kati said goodbye. She left us for the grassy fields full of sunshine, birds, rabbits and shady trees. She loved so much and asked for so little in return. I thank you all for your supportive calls and emails. I wish for all of you to know an animal as special as Princess Kati (Ch. Kati Leanka Voros Vadaz). Kati's Dad


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