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Champions of the United Kingdom

"Title is Champion  meaning that they have won their Show title and then gone on to get either a FT award or a Show Gundog Certificate in order that they can drop the 'Show' and be a 'full' Champion.  A Show Gundog Certificate is competed for under actual FT conditions at a Field Trial proper.  Usually two SGCs are permitted at Novice FTs and these dogs are worked in the morning to They have to hunt, point, enter water and swim, and retrieve. They do not have to be steady to shot, although most are anyway if get advantage of the game. trained properly! The retrieve and the water are usually done as one.  The SGC was introduced in order that those who were unable through lack of facilities, to get their dogs up to FT standard, could still test the dogs under working conditions and qualify for 'full' Champion status.  To be a Show Champion, a dog has to gain three CCs under three different judges. At least one CC must be year of age. The UK's Open class is for any dog having won 7 or more firsts at Championship shows in Limit (the class below Open, from whence it must go into Open once the seven wins have been amassed), or Open classes or if it has won three CCs (and therefore its title). So, all dogs qualified for Open by virtue of their wins compete against dogs already titled." Information generously provided by Jackie Perkins.

Ch Abbeystag Bruna 1975
Ch Abbeystag Emilio 1977
Ch Nicael Russe by Alsziv
1997 Ch Galfrid Tara 1978
Ch Russetmantle Troy 1979
Ch Peckers Perchance 1983
Ch Saline Judi 1983
Ch Gardenway Bula 1984
Ch Russetmantle Grebe of Gardenway 1985
Ch Fandango in the Sun at Hookside 1986
Ch Russetmantle Quiver 1987
Ch Gardenway Charlotte 1987
Ch Shooting Star of Vaternish 1988
Ch Gardenway Dawn Run 1989 Ch Cuzco Laski 1992
Ch Alsziv Pasque 1994
Ch Valleyhunter Valhalla 1994
Ch Valleyhunter Special Envoy 1995
Ch Nicael Rully 1998.

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