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This list of of all Dual Champions that also have Master Hunter titles came originally in 1995 from John Parliament's database and has been updated ever since -- thanks to everyone who keeps us up-to-date.

DC AFC Fk's Rivendell Reaghan CDX MH
DC AFC 2xNAFC Golden Empire's Doctor T CDX MH
DC AFC Greffin's Ha'Penny MH
DC AFC NFC Hodag's Hunter UDX MH
TC AFC Legacy's DeChartay UDX, MH
DC AFC Linden's Belle Starr MH
DC AFC Papago Samsson CD MH
DC AFC Randy Bee's Ramblin Man MH
DC AFC Semper Fi Chesty Puller MH
DC Sierra's Wooden Nickel CDX MH
DC AFC Viesoo's X-Factor Konya MH
DC AFC Lakeside Luke Skywalker MH
DC Red Oak's Stormin Norman MH
DC Krackerjack's Bela Barktalk MH,UD
DC Oakleaf's Everwhen Chances R CD, MH, NA --  Judy and Gerald Richey
DC Krackerjack's Bela Barktalk MH,UD -- Schlesinger, Marcia
DC AFC Valley Hunter Divine Penlee CDX MH OA OAJ VC -- Jean Matmor & Betty Anderson & Lisa Durham
DC Golden Empire's Beauregard MH
DC Golden Empire's Texas Topaz MH
DC Magnum's Sun Up Forty Four MH
DC Paradise Master of the Hunt MH
DC Triad's Dry Martini MH
DC Winsong's Cinnabar Hannah MH
DC/AFC Wildwood's Back with Zack MH, VC -- owners: Will and Paige Hawkins


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