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Here is a list of AKC's Canine Good Citizen Award winners. We will rely on Vizsla owners to let us know when their dogs have received the CGC award. To read more about this title click here: canine good citizen program explained by AKC.

Lake Pepin's Indy Moonstone - Canine Good Citizen April 19, 2002 Owner: Kym Fisher
Lake Pepin's Tucker-Boy - Canine Good Citizen April 19, 2002 Owner: Kym Fisher

Ch Classic Colors of the Wind NA NAJ CGC-- Joyce Tischler
Hollywood's Piros Baron SH, CGC -- Stephanie C. Gutierrez
Stocker's Red Hot Roxy JH, CGC -- Stephanie C. Gutierrez
Bubbling Over -- J. Williamsen
Bajnok Ain't No Misdemeanor, Can/Am CGG -- Raven Gombar
Semper Fi Woods AFire Two Kliks Out, JH -- Marilyn Brown
CH Misty Hills Dynamic Destiny, CGC  -- Barb Ehlers
CH Misty Hills Greyt Expectations, CGC  -- Barb Ehlers
Semper Fi Woods AFire Two Kliks Out, JH -- Marilyn Brown
Sun Meadow's Summer Knight, CGC
Teca, Eaglet in Paris -- Gerald Striph

Koppertone-May Sweet Serenity -- Vicki May
Summer Chance CGC -- Rosamar Garcia (from Canada)
Bajos Bailee's Mountain Sage CGC - Christine and Russell Sweeny
Rivendell Vinci -- Carolyn DeFiore and Bob Borowski
Huntwyck's Cariad Laser Red CD CGC -  Linda Penry
Raptor's Vestalia of Camelot CGC --owner, Martha Tlaker
Raptor's Starry Knight CGC --owned by, Martha and Norm Tlaker
Raptor's Akasha CGC --owner, Martha Tlaker
Koppertone's Golden Frolic CGC --Gael Johnson  
Ch Zenith's Annie Get MY Gun, CD, NA, OAJ, CGC -- Suzanne M. Towne.

CH Foxfire PJ Buckley JH CD CGC -- Polly Poulos
Sugarmints Daydream Believer CGC -- Scott and Hope Northern
Victory's Dream Angel Megan CGC -- Don and Kim Bonnice
Victory's Nik O' Time CGC -- Don and Kim Bonnice
Penlee Magyar Magic Abracadabra CGC --  Ray Hoagland
Amer. & Int'l. CH Gold Run's Treasure The Hunt CGC -- Susan Sibley
Vizion's Hindsight Twenty-Twenty CGC -- Sherrie Anderson
Szep Baratom Czardas CGC -- Holly Hatfield
Hookside Valley Hunter Roki, CGC -- Tammy M.
Bajnok's Dust in the Wind  -- Jim & Lyn Frank
Bajnok's Dust in the Wind, CGC -- Jim & Lyn Frank
Ch. Mark's Rooster Roustin Rosie, CD, NA, MH, CGC -- Mark & Becky Smith
Ch. Remark's Oakleaf Genesis, JH, NA, CGC -- Mark & Becky Smith
Ch. Bouman's Against The Wind, MH, CGC -- Mark & Becky Smith
Ch. Elvers Creek Levi's Mavrick, JH, CGC  --Jan Ellwitz
Priden Joy Rock's Dream, CGC --Rock & Mary Kenney
Clarence, CGC --Rock & Mary Kenney
Bailey, CGC - Jan Elliwitz
Bajnok's Dust in the Wind owned by Jim & Lyn Frank
Ch. Mark's Rooster Roustin Rosie, CD, NA, MH, CGC owned by Mark & Becky Smith
CH Serendipity's Paprika SH CD OAJ NA VC NAC NJC CGC Joan & Allen Holth

Arpad's Lady Rebecca CD, VC -- Dot Romano
Tischlers Diamond in the Ruf -- G. Tischler
Barben's Make Mine Red -- J. Williamsen
Windrunner's Ain't Misbehavin --Jon Groth
CH Rheingold Loge Anton Dvorak SH, CGC -- Steve Shlyen
Ch Jasper the Tazmanian Devil JH, AX, OAJ, CGC--Susanne Glasgow
Ch Poquito's Chile Chispa JH, NA, NAJ, CGC--Susanne Glasgow
Poquito's Chile con Queso NA, CGC--Sue Pittman and Maria Zucconi
Hollywood's Leading Man --Lori Dembowitz and Stephanie Gaynor
Prairie Menny Kisbaba JH -- Beth McGaughey
DC/AFC Linden's Belle Starr MH,CD,CGC, TDI, VC -- Denny & Linda Keeton
DC/AFC Rebel Rouser N Lindens Cyote,SH,CGC,TDI, VC -- Denny & Linda Keeton          
CH Linden's Diablo Mejor JH,CGC,TDI,VC --Denny & Linda Keeton                                 
CH Linden's Diablo Hunter JH,CGC,TDI -- Denny & Linda Keeton 
CH Mehagian's McKenzie JH CD CGC--Kevin Papirner 
Can Ch Piroska Summer Sun's Kiss TT, FDJ, CGC --
Barrie & Hilarie Brinkworth 
Kallmee Heat Wave CD, CGC -- Nancy West                                   

Ch. Bajos Flockati Tasha Yar, Can. CDX, Am. CD, CGC -- Dominique Lefebvre
Kivalo Wysiwyg's Wily Willow, CGC -- Dominique Lefebvre
Paradox Arany Kutya a Tisza -- Pat Diefenbach
Ch Kutya Sandydell of Maxfield -- Valerie W Sandell
Mr. & Mrs. T's Aislin ("Possum") -- Meghan Tallman
Intl /AM CH Victory's Sir Hunter Eli JH CGC -- Vicki Effertz
Intl CH Victory's Lady Mitra of Magyar CD JH CGC -- Vicki Effertz

Can. Ch. Bajos Wysiwyg Wizardry -- Dominique Lefebvre
Blackwood's Linden Farli -- Diane Blackwood
Ch. Willo Runn's Patriotic Colors -- Lewis A. Silverman
Onpoint's Stiletto Shooter -- Renata Bassi
Ch. Fantazsa's Classic Kivancsi -- Pam Hidaka
Ch. Fantazsa's River Runs Thru It -- Pam Hidaka
Ch. Vizion of Russet Dawn, UAG1 -- Ginger Tierney
Ch. Magics' Turn Me Loose CD, -- Pam William
Diamond C Annie Belle, --Bonnie C. Cunningham
Vizsta's Jessibelle Jet, --Bonnie C. Cunningham
Chester Csibesz of Bellbrook JH, CGC --Geraldina Tilbrook and Walter Beller
Ch. Russet Leather Anasazi, NA CGC
Ch. Piroska Kiss Me Again -- Barrie & Hilarie Brinkworth
Piroska Runnin In The Red -- Barrie & Hilarie Brinkworth
Ch. Wynvale RB's September Song Am/CAN CD, CDX -- Barrie & Hilarie Brinkworth
Ch Back In Towne Oakleaf Garnet, UD, NA, OAJ, CGC -- Suzanne M. Towne.

Gold Run Dandy's Troika JH -- Kay Ingle & Patty Mead
Ch Matchpoint's Desert Fox, JH CD -- Inge Siggelkow
Huntwyck's Gypsy Beb CGC -- B. Boyer
Am Can Int Ch. Roka's Molasses Voros Vadasz TD -- Rhonda Johnson
CH Huntwyck's Woodland Cooper CDX TD JH CGC -- M. Thomas
CH Poquito's Chile Sandia Verde CGC -- M. & G. Thomas & M. Zucconi
CH Sandyacre Poquito Chile Bean UDX MH CGC -- M. & H. Zucconi
CH Poquito's Chile Buena Vida CGC -- M. & H. Zucconi
Poquito's Chile Que Frito CGC -- M. & H. Zucconi
Poquito's Chile Rio Grande CGC -- J. R. Edwards
Poquito's Chile Sonrisa CGC -- D. K. & V. Conley
Ch. Hookside Vlly Hntr BrenRich JH, NA, CGC -- Brenna Fender and Richard Theile
Roza's Holgy Napfeny JH CGC
CH Skyway Penny Johnson-Walker JH, CGC, CD -- David Johnson
CH Russet Leather AKA Firewater -- Sharon Simpson
AM/CAN Ch. Penlee's Orange Pekoe -- Kim Cooke Himmelfarb
AM/CAN Ch. Penlee's Leader of the Band, JH -- Kim & Saul Himmelfarb

Ch Maxfield Sansouci Jilli Bean -- Linda Pruitt
Ch Caveat's Remington Bronze JH -- Luellen Hart
Rebel Rousers Homey Boy CGC, JH -- Jennifer Jutto
Ch. Rozsa's Mezo Alomok, CD

Russet Leather Chenoa JH -- Kay Ingle
Ch Caveat's In The Pink CD SH TT ROM -- Luellen Hart
Ch Skyways Tasmanian She Devil CGC, CD -- Jennifer Jutto
Am., Can. Ch. Copper Brok Rozsa, Can. CD, Am. CDX, OC, CC

Alexandria Mercedes CGC, CDX, OA--Jennifer Jutto

Ch. Sleepy Hollow Emily Othan, CD -- Sue Pittman
Ch. Sleepy Hollow's Golden Crest CDLX, -- Sue Pittman
U-CD, Ch. Sleepy Hollow's Copper Idol, UDT, NA, NAC -- Sue Pittman
Hamilton's Lady Winifred, CD, CGC -- J.M.Williamsen

Dates Unkown
Blackwood's Linden Farli (Flyball Dog Excellent) -- Diane Blackwood
Ch. Vizion of Russet Dawn, UAG1 -- Ginger Tierney
Ch. Sargas Victorious Daybreak, UAG1 -- Ginger Tierney
Mehagian's Rowdy Rookie CGC K. William & D. Harper
Mehagian's Promise CGC Marge Mehaigian
CH Mehagian's Prize Package JH VC CGC Marge Mehagian
CH Dorratz Double Trouble UD SH CGC VC TDX Doris Patzlaff
BISS AM/CAN CH Panderre's Rozsdas Csilag AM/CAN CD JH CGC Frank & Diane Kriger