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Advertising Featuring Vizslas, Part 1

These pictures are sent in from our browsers. Each features a Vizsla in the advertising of products. We are not in the business of endorsing the products (or even implying we use any of them). This is entertainment only folks.

Unkown A Hungarian ad for dog food

Subaru's new ad

Farli was a model for a few Petco sweaters in 1999. Attached are photos of the inserts in the sweater packages. Diane & Farli - that was fun - lots of cookies - but mom made me sit on a wobbly table and kept moving "out of camera range" BTW - Dickens, the westie or cairn was the dog that belonged to a Petco bigwig

Reebok ad VERY FUNNY

I am attaching an ad that was in the magazine Oprah March 2001. It was showing off bathrooms and did not even mention that this was a Vizsla or who it was!!!!!

This was an advertisement in the Quail Unlimited Banquet Program Brochure in June of 1999.doc -- an ad with a vizsla in it--v pup belongs to Charli Stokes of Ladygunslingers

Vizsla in front of dog house on wheels with louvered back and ribbed glass front and a gangplank that doubles as a door  called Budapet created by Holey Associated in SF--picture in magazine called Barkitecture by Fred Albert

"Decorating" magazine put out by Better Homes & Gardens, Spring 2001 edition on page 60

Bank of America

Eukanuba adv Vizsla (Eukanuba ad in Netherlands)

One of the founders of models for this company must own a Vizsla, because every Title Nine Sports catalog seems to include one.

Subaru's advertising featuring "your best friend."

Ontario department store ad for a shirt

Ontario department store ad for night clothes

Ontario department store ad for furniture

Ad for Mervyns featuring Marian Sears dog

Ban Dai trading cards featuring a cute little Vizsla pup

A fashion statement from Mademoiselle (1995)

Vizsla the Butch from Sam & Sally 1994 Cateloge

A Chevrolet Vizsla

Seagrams Crown Royal

From PC Week (12/4/95) DemoShield 4 Ad (1997)

Michael sent us this ad for Nikon cameras.  It was in a trade magazine called Studio Photography & Design (1998)

Innotek ad featuring a Vizsla with its head in the sand.(1998)

Click here to see the Purina Puppy Chow advertising, when Purse was 3 month old (1998)

December 1998 Good Housekeeping

Purse at 10 months in the Saks Fifth Ave, August Folio Catalog (1999).

Most recent Purse at 15 month in Harper's Bazaar, an article about alternative medicines for dogs, acupucture and holistic (1999).

This is Vogue two page spread,  Beau is the one walking in front of the model, Purse is strutting next to the model. (1999)

ID magazine front cover

Eukanuba Ad " This is Elaine Cannon's Lulu aged 7.5 weeks, she grew up to become Sh.Ch. Highforce Chiming Midnight JW.  The pamphlet was used (I believe) for Eukanuba throughout Europe.”


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