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Old Vizsla Home Page Covers

Since we will be changing the cover photo every so often, it has been requested that we keep the old ones available. These pictures graced our Home Page cover for at least one month during 1996.

1996 Covers

Oscar and Leo take Manhattan! (photo by Oscar's owner, Patty Minardi.

Jack Sharkey's NFC DC AFC Hodag's Hunter UDX MH VC and DC AFC Legacy's DeChartay UDX MH VC

Nancy Jones' Callie

Am. Can. Int. Ger. Ch. Vizsta's Royal Red Barron CACIB, CACH-G, WSCH

Poe Asher/s basketful of Vizslas

Don and Judy Jackson's litter of 11 (!!) puppies enjoying a swim.

Kaye Payne's "Colonel" turns on a dime with 9 cents change.

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