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Old Vizsla Home Page Covers

Since we will be changing the cover photo every so often, it has been requested that we keep the old ones available. These pictures graced our Home Page cover for at least one month.

1995 Covers

Vizslas playing on the beach while on a walk with their owners in San Francisco, California. Photo by Kay Ingle, 1995.

Vizslas drinking water after a long walk at Fort Funston, San Francisco California. Photo by Lynn Sander, 1995.

Versatile Vizslas, on Lake Tahoe California. Photo by Lynn Sandor, 1995.

Benoit Chenette has sent in a Winter Cover Page photo. 1995

Kit Richards Minska. 1995

Please do not duplicate these photos, other than to print them out for your enjoyment, without permission from Ingle & Mead. Please read the copyright statement.

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