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Vizsla Ownership:
Negatives & Serious Comments
by Jane

Negatives of Vizsla Ownership (humorous)

As someone who is a relative beginner with the V as a breed and only having had the one, my (hopefully humourous) observations on the negative list would be:

1. When they are young (2 and under) they are energetic (powered by atomic energy) and can be destructive.

2.They counter surf (eat anything edible they can get their teeth on when you're not looking)

3.They dig moon craters in your yard

4.They are velcro and don't want you to ever leave their sight for a moment

5.Some like to bark or vocalize in other ways (whining, singing, etc)

6.They eat strange things that may necessitate an emergency (expensive) visit to your vet.

7.They like to jump on people

8.They like to carry things in their mouth, which means your shoes and other belongings will never be where you left them again

9.They insist on sleeping on soft furniture (beds are preferred)

10.If not properly socialized they may turn out to be timid, fearful dogs

11.They can out-think their owners

12. They like to be up high and finding them on the dining room table or back of the sofa is not uncommon.


More seriously, my advice to any prospective owner would be:

(1) talk to breeders and owners BEFORE you get one, meet as many of the breed as you can and actually listen to what people are telling you - they are not doing it for the good of their health!

(2) be honest with the breeder/rescue and yourself - for example, don't say you would be happy to go for long daily walks if you really couldn't/wouldn't, both you and the dog will be miserable!

(3) don't get one yet - give yourself a few months to think about it. You need to be sure that if/when you circumstances change you will still be prepared to provide for the dog.

(4) seriously consider getting a rescue (for lots of reasons) And if you do get one;

(5) Don't expect it to be plain sailing (you might be pleasantly surprised, but don't count your chickens)

(6) Develop a sense of humour in place of being house proud - it may save your sanity!! Think I went barmy long ago.

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