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This article was sent to us from John Walling, Ph.D. via email as a caution to other Vizsla owners. We extend to him our sincerest condolences and are reminded ourselves that there is much we can do to ensure the safety of our dogs. Thanks John for this timely reminder.
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I strongly advise all dog owners, not only V owners to seek out a reputable vet or vets when traveling to a remote site for visitation, hunting and the like. Our beautiful Vizsla, Brandi, was hit by a car during the Thanksgiving holiday in a somewhat remote Missouri town. Despite seemingly minor external injuries, I cannot speak of internal maladies, Brandi died of shock from the accident. We were unable to locate a vet within a 50 mike radius. When we finally did, and upon a 40 minute car ride, Brandi passed away at the animal hospital.

I have seen similar reminders to dog owners in several outdoor magazines, that is, to be sure to locate a vet in a remote location and ascertain his expected whereabouts during your stay. I must say that we will never travel with our new Vizsla without doing so and I wholeheartedly encourage all viewers of this message to take note!

Our Brandi was a special dog, with an exceptional temperament, an outstanding ability to hunt pheasants and was truly a joy to be with.

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