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Responsible Vizsla Breeders

The Texas Gulf Coast Vizsla Club prepared a document on what is "A Responsible Breeder." We've taken their notes and added some of our own. If you want to see other items added write to us with your suggestion.
  • A responsible breeder knows where his/her puppies are. Responsible breeders keep in touch with their puppy bueyrs throughout the years. They are available to answer questions and give advise. They follow up on the health history of the dog because they want this information for the betterment of their breeding program.

  • A responsible breeder breed ONLY to produce puppies of excellent quality and to improve on the qualities of the sire and dam in temperament, structure, trainability and hunting ability. There is no other valid reason to breed!

  • A responsible breeder screens his/her breeding stock for hereditary diseases. Only then does the breeder begin to study pedigrees carefully to make as sure as possible that there are no genetic health or temperament problems being brought in from the sire's side. A responsible breeder breeds no Vizslas before they are two years old and certified free of hip dysplasia by the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA).

  • A responsible breeder has at least a four generation pedigree available for the puppy buyer to study, and can intelligently discuss the traits of the dogs in that pedigree. They should be able to tell why they conducted this breeding. You should be able to meet the dam, and the breeder should be able to show you a picture of the sire if he is not present.

  • A responsible breeder screens puppy buyers carefully. They make sure you understand what the breed is like to live with. Expect to be interviewed and provide references. Many responsible breeders puppy test their litters for temperament, and they must have your input to help select the right puppy for your lifestyle.

  • A responsible breeder will discuss spay/neuter with you at the time of purchase. Many sell pet puppies on an AKC limited registration and/or spay neuter contracts.

  • A responsible breeder provides the following paperwork: AKC registration (blue form), OFA Certification (copies of the OFA certificates for both parents), written health records which include shot and worming records, pedigrees (four-generation pedigree of the puppy you are purchasing), health guarantee (so you can get your money back within a specified time if a>veterinarian finds the puppy to be unhealthy). In addition, many responsible breeders have contracts which require you to give them the first right to buy back (the dog) if you cannot keep the dog, and guarantee a refund of a portion of your purchase price if the dog develops a hereditary disease (i.e. hip dysplasia). Many will make it clear that they will take the dog back at ANY time during its life should your life circumstances prevent your from keeping it.

  • A responsible breeder socializes the puppies and sells no puppies before seven weeks of age. Puppies separated form the litter too young may develop behavior problems. All puppies should be raised in the home and be clean and healthy.


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