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This article was submitted by Janet Wallace March 1997.

This is a wonderful story about a woman who found a Vizsla in the humane society to replace a dog she had just lost. It starts out being a story of one vizsla, but ends up being a story about ten vizslas.

Tina and Frank had never had dogs growing up. When they settled down together in Bloomington Indiana and started a family they got their first dog from the Humane Society in Indianapolis. From that day on, they have always had dogs, all of which came from shelters or breed rescues. Recently, Bucky, a mixed breed that they got from the Humane Society 17 years ago died leaving "Rosie", a 9 year old Weimaraner alone. Rosie had been a show dog and brood bitch who had lost her reproductive usefulness and retired with Frank and Tina. In an effort to replace Bucky, Tina's daughter found a 2 year old vizsla at the Humane Society in Lafayette, Indiana. Tina traveled up and fell in love with "Cassidy" the minute she saw her.

Cassidy was given to the Humane Society by her previous owners who were moving and could not take her with them. Tina was told that Cassidy was a spayed bitch, but no scars were found. Tina promised to spay her, but 53 days later Cassidy gave birth to 9 puppies. Her name quickly changed to "Mama Cass". Earlier she had noticed that Cass was gaining weight and took her to the vet who confirmed a pregnancy with an x-ray showing 5 puppies. Tina got prepared. Built a whelping box. Everyone was expecting to see little half vizsla puppies, but our biggest surprise was that all the pups looked like pure-bred vizslas!

After the pups were born, Tina took a pregnancy leave from her business. She fed the runt every four hours. The runt was 1/3 the size of the rest of the pups and exhibited signs of Failing Puppy Syndrome. Tina stuck with it and nurtured the runt for three weeks until it became apparent tht the pup was not developing normally. Letting go of the little one was not easy.

Finding homes for the pups was not too hard. Tina’s instincts were better than most breeders. She loved these puppies so much that she wanted to give them to people who would keep them "in the family". She did not want to advertize. She would invite whole families over to her home. She took one family, from out of town to lunch in one of her restaurants. She watched the children with her adult dogs. She made sure every owner would spay/neuter their pup. She was pleased that she had the options of turning people down and she did execute that option. By five weeks old, all the puppies were placed. Most have found homes here in Indiana and one in Ohio.

It’s not every day, a Vizsla that ends up in the pound finds a great home like Tina’s. Tina did a great job with Cass and her pups. Every Vizsla should find a home like Tina’s. Tina is now dedicated to Vizslas and says that she’ll never own another type of dog.


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