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Picking a Puppy?

Maybe this could be listed under Picking a Puppy? or Letting a Breeder Pick your Puppy. By Becky Smith

I'm new to the world of Vs but I love all of the info I'm getting from you! My biggest problem is that I can't find a breeder in my area. Does
anyone know of any breeders in Virginia or North Carolina? I want to choose my puppy myself, not just have a distant breeder pick one and
send him/her to me!

Kelly, I'm sure you are going to get many responses to your last sentence. The reason breeders pick puppies for people is not necessarily because of the distance involved. You may find a breeder that lets you pick whichever puppy you want, but I will tell you for sure that many reputable breeders will not do that. Many will give you the choice of a couple out of the litter, but probably not all. The reasons for that are many.

In your case, since you are "new to the world" of Vizslas, I would HIGHLY recommend that you choose a breeder who does the picking for you or at least limits your selection. First, the breeder has likely years of experience with the Vizsla breed and would probably be better able to tell
personalities at a glance (which even if you spend two days picking your pup a glance is what you are getting) than you would as a newcomer. Secondly, the breeder has spent the last 7 weeks with the puppies, watching them grow and develop personalities. The breeder knows which pup is dominant, which is the most docile, which is the most bold, which will likely be a handful and challenge you, which will not. Many times the breeder has done temperament tests on the pups to help make these determinations. As a first time owner, you definitely do not want the most dominant, nor do you want the one that the others pick on or that is the last to come out and greet you. You need one that is in between. Another consideration is that the breeder probably will have some people looking for pups with show potential. If you are not, you probably will not be able to take one of the pups that the breeder thinks may turn out to be showable. They may have some people who are looking for performance dogs (field trials, hunt tests, agility, competitive obedience.) The breeder will probably have some idea which those pups would be also.

Remember, it is in the breeder's (and the breed's) best interest for puppy/owner matches to be good ones. Breeders have invested a lot of time,
effort and money in their litters. In my opinion, choosing the right breeder is more important than choosing the particular pup from a litter. If you
find the right breeder and the right litter, you'll get the right pup.

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