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Obedience Titles

Melissa O Thomas ( and Maria Zucconi ( wrote the following Obedience Titles article to provide Vizsla owners a brief highlight about titles and what each class demonstrates.
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These regulations provide information in more detail about the trials, entering classes, a detailed description of classes, requirements for titles, suggestions for construction of jumps, glossary of terms, etc.

A List of Additional Resources is at the end of the two summaries.


Obedience Trials are a sport and all participants should be guided by the principles of good sportsmanship both in and outside of the ring. The purpose of Obedience Trials is to demonstrate the usefulness of the purebred dogs as a companion of man, not merely the dog's ability to follow specified routines in the obedience rings. While all contestants in a class are required to perform the same exercises in substantially the same way and scored, the basic objective of Obedience Trials is to produce dogs that have been trained and conditioned always to behave in a home, in public places, and in the presence of other dogs in a manner that will reflect credit on the sport of Obedience. [taken from AKC Regulations]

Obedience Titles: C.D.; C.D.X.; U.D.; O.T.Ch.; U.D.X.

The First Obedience Title is a C.D., a Companion Dog. You compete in Novice classes. Novice A is for someone who has never earned a title or owned a dog with a C.D.; otherwise you enter Novice B.

Novice Class involves 6 exercises: Heeling on leash and a Figure 8, Stand for Exam, Heel Free (off leash), Recall and Group Exercises: a 1 minute sit stay and a 3 minute down stay (your are across the ring).

The Second Obedience Title is a C.D.X., Companion Dog Excellent. You enter the Open Classes after completing your C.D. You may enter Open A providing you are not an obedience or breed judge or have not earned an O.T.Ch.

Open Class involves 7 exercises: Heel Free and a Figure 8 (off leash), a Drop on Recall, Retrieve on Flat, Retrieve over High Jump, Broad Jump, and Group Exercises: a 3 minute sit stay and a 5 minutes down stay (handler is out of sight).

The Third Obedience Title is a U.D., Utility Dog. You enter the Utility Classes after completing your C.D.X. You may enter Utility A providing you are not an obedience or breed judges or have not earned an O.T.Ch.

Utility Class involves 6 exercises:

You must qualify (170 out of 200 points) 3 times under 3 different judges. Qualifying with a score of 195 or higher the first 3 attempts qualifies you for a Dog World Award.

In addition to earning a Dog World Award for each obedience title, you may also qualify to earn a Dog World Award for completing all three titles in one year.

Obedience Trial Champion, O.T.Ch.

To be an Obedience Trial Champion a dog must earn 100 points from placements it receives in Open B and/or in Utility B. The team must place 1st or 2nd to earn points. The team must have at least 3 first places; one 1st from Utility B, one 1st from Open B, one more 1st from either class. These 1st places must be earned under 3 different judges. There is a Point Schedule used to determine points awarded for each class. This Obedience Title precedes the dog's registered name. After earning an O.T.Ch., the owner (Very Proud) may only enter "B"classes.

Utility Dog Excellent, U.D.X.

Utility Dog Excellent is a title awarded once a dog has earned both an Open and Utility Title. The team must earn qualifying scores at 10 separate events, qualifying in both Open B and in Utility B. The titles: C.D., C.D.X., U.D., and U.D.X. follow the dog's registered name. In each case, the higher title will supersede the preceding title in all official AKC records.

The First Triple Champion was a Vizsla. A Triple Champion is a dog that has a bench championship, a field championship, and is an obedience trial champion.


1. Dianne Bauman's "Beyond Basic"
2. Carol Lea Benjamin's "Mother Knows Best" The Natural Way to Train Your Dog
3. Leon Whitney's "Dog Psychology- The Basis of Training"
4. William Kohler's "Dog Training Books"
5. J.Fraser and Amy Ammen's "Dual Ring Dog"
6. Volhard and Fishe's "Teaching Dog Obedience Classes"
7. Karen Pryor's "Dont Shoot the Dog!"
8. Farley Mowat's "The Dog Who Wouldn't Be" * Just a fun Book!
9. Barbara Handler's "Best Foot Forward"
10. Front and Finish , The Dog Trainer's News
(info on books,seminars,regional events and happenings, ads for products, etc.)
subscription: P.O. Box 333, Galesburg, IL 61402-0333
11. MAX 200 Dog Obedience Equipment 1 (800) 446-2920
12. Pipe Dreams (Agility obstacles) 1 (800) 446-2920 13. Marian Coffman's "Versatile Vizsla"

* Patty Ruzzo, Terri Arnold, Berni Brown, Sandra Ladwig, Anne Marie Silverton, Gary Wilkes, Janice DeMello are some of the many trainers who are advertised in Front and Finish. Some of you may identify with their style and it may fit your training.

* We are not advertising for anyone, their book, tape or seminar. It is important that you do educate yourself. Explore other fields of training with your Vizsla. Your Vizsla is versatile and you can be,too!>

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