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The Miracle Dog

The Miracle Dog by Stacey Moore (Warning: Pictures are very graphic and can be very upsetting.)

I am from Australia and I have a little story about a beautiful Vizsla mix that you might be interested in.

It started when I was driving home one night with my boyfriend and we noticed a young girl pulled over at the side of the road with a dog, looking very distressed. I decided to pull over as she was on her own and I thought she might need some help. It turned out that she had noticed this little pup, who did not look well at all, walking along the side of the road (in 36 centigrade degree heat) and pulled over to see if it was alright. Lucky she did as the poor thing looked as though it had been attacked by another dog and half of its throat was ripped open. We took her to the vet, who then told us that she was a Vizsla mix about 3 months old and that the pound would have to be notified to see what course of action had to be taken. Both I and the other girl (Olivia) stated that if the dog could be saved and the council did not want to pay, under no circumstances was she to be put down, one of us would take responsibility for her. We later found out that she had been stolen from the pound with 5 other dogs, to use for training pit bull terriers to fight and that she had been attacked by one of these dogs.

Then came a long day of phone calls and arguing. The local shire had decided that they would have the dog put down as it was going to cost too much money and wasn't worth it for them. My mum spent half the day on the phone trying to get this decision reversed and stating that we would pay for the pup to be fixed. In the end it took threats to go to the paper and tears to convince them to have her fixed.
After all this, the local shire agreed to pay for the vet costs, but stated we would have to purchase her from the pound ($160.00 AUS) when she was able to come home, which of course we agreed to. Olivia, the girl who found the pup, was unable to take her but was happy for me too, so I asked her if I could name the pup Olivia after her. She was delighted.

Olivia was in the vets for over a week as they were unable to operate until all the dead skin could be cut away safely on a daily basis. She then had stitches and a drainage tube (which was taken out after a week) and she still has her stitches which are due to come out any day now. Olivia is one of the most affectionate, smart and beautiful dogs I have ever met. Despite the terrible circumstances, I am so glad she has come into my life. All that she has been through makes me feel so sad but I am so happy that I was able to help rescue her from death and give her a wonderful life to look forward to.

Olivia is doing extremely well and is never short of energy and despite her ordeal with the other dogs, she has made friends with four new dogs and gotten along with them quite well. I was really concerned that she might be to scared of other dogs to interact with them, but she enjoyed playing with them a lot.

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