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Rescue - Mickey

I would like to tell you a story of how we came in contact with Mickey our wonderful 2 1/2 year old Vizsla. About 2 years ago we were in the process of finding a hunting / family dog. We looked at Brittanys, Goldens, and German Shorthairs, finally settling on Vizslas. My grandfather came from Hungary so we felt it a perfect fit. We contacted Kathy DeLong out of Kansas City who was the president of the Vizsla club and told her that we were interested in finding a Vizsla.

A few months later we got a call out of the blue from Kathy and she said she had a "rescue" dog. I was somewhat concerned when she said "rescue" because it meant to me that maybe this dog was abused. But she explained that a man who had Parkinsons disease needed to find a home for his 5 month old puppy. So we set up a time to meet and the family and I went to his house and met him and his two dogs. We had two young boys at the time. Now we've added a baby girl. Nellie was his nine year old vizsla and Mickey was the pup. Mickey was quite rambunctious and playful. Nellie was beautiful and refined. Mickey a rock star, Nellie an opera goer with hints of a wayward past. Needless to say, we fell in love with both of them. Since Mickey was a pup and in need of endless attention of which he could no longer provide, he had to give her up. Funny thing is, he interviewed us much more than we interviewed him. He was adament that we would keep her as a house dog and that I would also hunt her. It was a match. Two weeks later we picked her up and with tearful goodbyes John said so long to Mickey. God bless that man and Kathy for putting us together. Mickey has been such a part of our family and continues to be. Embarassingly, I say the big ole hound dog sleeps on top of our bed. Thank goodness we have a king sized bed.

She loves the boys and treads lightly around the baby.

After Mickey's first hunt on a farm in Valley Falls, Kansas I called John to tell him of the experience. We talked for about 30 minutes as he lived the points, the flushes, and the activities, vicariously. Matter of fact a couple weeks later he stopped by to see her on the way to his doctor. At the end of her first season afield I can honestly say she is more than I could of ever hoped for. I wrote John a letter describing the season and sent him pictures. When he received the letter he called and even with deteriorated speech I could feel his happiness. He asked me to stop on by to pick up his dog whistle, but he lived quite far away and I never got around to it --- something I regret tremendously. Later the next year we found out he died. Thank you John and thank you Kathy!!! Rescue dogs are great.....

Endlessly Thankful, Mark Andrasik

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