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The Vizsla Mantras

This was compiled by vizsla owners on the VizslaTalk list.

An unwatched puppy .... shreds!!! - Jenny Peacocke
If it is on the floor .... it's mine!!! - Buddy Vadasz (and Shelli)
Busy paws are happy paws - Michel Berner
I am not a dog....where's my blanky? - Travis
If it looks like a tree....I want to make it mine. - Charli Stokes
A run a day keeps the chewies away. - David Steele
Leave your chair, risk getting it stolen by a Vizsla. - Laura Wright
A sleeping puppy gathers no trouble. - Brent Koch
A tired Vizsla is a happy Vizsla - Carol Dostal
An unwatched kitchen counter is a Vizsla smorgasbord. - Karen Fischer
The apple does not fall far from the tree until the Vizsla takes it and runs around with it. - Karen Fischer
Happiness is a well trained Human - Jane Toadvin
An unmade bed is fair game. - Mary Arevalo
A made bed isn't for long - Kay Ingle
A lap is a terrible thing to waste - David Cooperstein
Butter IS a food group - Kita Morris
Must have that couch - Terri Smoot
My Mum or Dad are home,..where is something to pick up? QUICK! - Ben Sheehan
Boing, Boing, Boing (couch to chair to floor and round we go) - Draco the wild child
Lack of a blanket and pillow is serious abuse. - Romeo
Hell hath no fury than that of a Vizsla with braincramps" ~ Holly Hatfield
Ball ball ball ball ball ball ball ball ball - ~ Czardas
And I with stick in my mouth become Artman, dynamic Vizsla superhero ~ Art
Don't Chew the Slipper ~ Jaeger
Don't, CHEW the SLIPPER ~ Baby Monster Siren
I need ANOTHER new pair of Slippers, *sigh*" ~ Debbie
A tired vizsla is a happy owner! - Kay Ingle
Never bathe alone again... a Vizsla Owner
A properly caged Vizsla (Delta) will save mankind from extinction - Diana Boggs
Bird?...... did someone say BIRD????? <boing,boing,boing!> ~~ Walter
We're not hyper, we're "enthusiastic"! <boing,boing,boing!> ~~ Divot
Vizslas get tired? - Jim Frazee
Great space under the covers is a terrible thing to waste... - Karen Fischer
A bird in the mouth is a lot more fun than two in the bushes. - Karen Fischer
Eat it first and worry about the consequences afterwards....' - Rosemary and Tavasz v's
If it moves, I can catch it. If its high, I can jump it. If its sleeping, I can wake it. I am Vizsla, hear me ROOOOOOOOO!!!- Scot and Bradley
When in doubt, play-bow! - Scot and Bradley
Let no face go un-licked. - Scot and Bradley
I came, I saw, I pointed.... - Scot and Bradley
Ask not what your Vizsla can do for YOU, But what YOU can do for your Vizsla. - Scot and Bradley
If I ain't wagging, I ain't awake. - Scot and Bradley
But I am vizsla. I am the purebred you are not - Terri Smoot
Ball. Ball. Dad, ball. - Crystal A. Bingham
Find the absolute center of the bed....absolute center... - Crystal A. Bingham
Sleep under the covers, under, the covers. - Crystal A. Bingham
I'm a 40 pound bed weight - Crystal A. Bingham
There is nothing like a Vizsla wiggle... make you smile and giggle! - Katie and Eva (Master Butt Wiggler)

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