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Jen Wolfe

by Linda Promaulayko

In about 1990 (can't remember exactly), Florence Duggan an I went to visit Jen Wolfe at her home in Bloomfield, NJ. She and I had always been very close in the beginning years of Brian and my involvement in the VCNNJ. That would be in 1971. At that time Jen was about 92 years old, house bound and still sharp as a tack when speaking about her beloved Brok Selle. She was suffering from a severely clogged artery and unable to get around outside of her home. Her son Jack was living with her as Maynard had passed away several years before.

Florence and I brought lunch and dessert. Jen loved chocolate cake! I brought my bitch Ch. Brylynns Viking Kiev for Jen to see. Kylie was a
perfect lady the entire visit. We also brought pictures of some of my dogs and a few VCA news letters for her to look at. Kylie lay at Jen's feet the
entire visit as if she knew how much pleasure it would bring Jen to just reach down and pet her.

We spent about 4 hours with her, a visit I shall not long forget. Jen was a devoted Vizsla enthusiast and a founding officer in the VCA in those beginning years of the club. She sat as a member of the board of governors, I believe it was called back then. The visit was initiated by Jen to give me as a gift the original portrait of Brok Selle which hung in her living room. I was given his choke collar, dog bowls and dog tags, a photo of Brok as a very young 8 week old pup running on the beach of Bayhead NJ, his AKC championship certificate, & a letter she wrote about Maynard.
I told her that the 1993 nationals were being held in Ohio in the fall and would she mind if I put the portrait up for bid in our silent auction where
it could bring a donation in her name back to the VCA. She agreed it would make her very very happy if that could be done. Stan Miller and Steve Shlyen cast the winning bid to take home the portrait. For 2 years after our visit Jen called me right after Christmas as she had done for years, to see if I knew what time Vizslas would be showing on TV at the WKC show.

When we got home from the 1993 nationals, I called to tell her that the picture of Brok brought the VCA over $400.00, sadly the phone number had been disconnected. I was never able to track her down. In Jen's youth, she was a beautiful Hampton's socialite, summering out on Long
Island, riding her pony and interestingly enough raising fighting cock roosters.... much to the displeasure of her parents! A colorful lady who
loved Maynard deeply, she called him, "Woose". A devoted Vizslas owner who was so very proud of her dog. Wouldn't she be beaming with pride to know that Brok, the sire of Ch. Great Guns Riding High, the Grand sire of Julia's Deacon, great grand sire of Kitty's Danny and the great great grand sire of Dalton, contributed so very much to the breed she held so close to her heart! He was the roots of Renbrok Vizsla's and in turn Brylynns. I was an honor to have known her and a pleasure to have been her friend.

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