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History of Vizsla in USA

"One of Charles Hunt's puppies Borka owned by Leah Clayton's family of Chicago, IL in 1957. The dam was Asta Z Povasia."

Doc Osborn's first Vizsla, Broc Olca -- one of the first Vizslas in the USA -- imported from Czechoslovakia in 1953. (Doc ended up importing over 40 dogs into the USA.)

Osborn's Starfire won the puppy stakes in the 1961 VCOI field trial.

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Frank Tallman with Rex and Sari. Rex and Sari. One of 1st litter of V pups in USA.

First Dual Champions in the USA: 1965 Dual Ch Futaki Darocz ~ 1969 Dual Ch. Weedy Creek Lobo owned by Harold R.Wingerter, Muscatine, Iowa." ~ 1970 Dual Ch. Bobo Buck Selle ~ 1970 Dual Ch. Szekeres Kis Szereto the first bitch to get DC.

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