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Some Historic Dates & Facts
of Vizsla's in Canada

Written by Phil Wright (written in approximately 1976) submitted by the Vizsla Society of Ontario (VSO). We want to thank Bob Gammage who not only sent us the text, but received approval from Susan Mulley, the VSO's Historian, for reprinting this article on the Vizsla Home Page. We want to sincerely thank the VSO for allowing us to reprint the article.

The following are offered as information for the many kind people who have asked for more background material on our breed in Canada. I have tried to focus on significant highlights in areas for which we all have some appreciation. If an inaccuracy is noted or if something you think important is omitted, please send it in - there are no intentional omissions or oversights - just human fallibility and/or lack of readily accessible information.

1953 First known recorded ownership of a Vizsla in Canada - Ed McCoy, Hamilton, Ontario

1957 First record of direct importation of Vizslas from Europe into Canada - A.G. Gerle, Montreal

1958 Vizslas became a CKC recognized breed in Canada - promoted and achieved by A.G. Gerle, Montreal

1958 Vizsla shown for the first time as a recognized breed in Canada - Ladies Kennel Club, Montreal - "Agres Z Povazia" and "Lyska Z Tatier" - A.G. Gerle, Montreal

1960 First Canadian appointed to the VCOA Board - Nick Corrado, Hamilton, Ontario

1961 First Vizsla CD in Canada - "Ch Kedves V Hunt" - Marge Meminger, Erie Penns. (I believe Marge is also tops in the number of C.D.’s for Vizslas in Canada, with 7 completed to date (from 1961 - 1974)

1962 First Vizsla to win Group 1st in Canada "Souvenir Csaba Lidi" - Mr. Geil, U.S.A. - Nanaimo, B.C. May 13

1963 First Canadian-owned Vizsla to win Group 1st - "Aprod Prucsok (imp)" - Bakony Kennels - Calgary

1963 First and only Vizsla to win all age dog of the year honours - "Ch Csikcsicsoi Ari-Nora" - A.G. Gerle, Montreal - Montreal Gun Dog Club

1963 Vizsla Club of Canada - the first national Vizsla club was formed - Allan H. Todd, Calgary, first President

1963 Vizsla Views, first national Vizsla breed newsletter initiated - Phil Wright, first Editor & Publisher.

1964 First Vizsla National Field Trial (CKC approved) - Vizsla Club of Canada - Craighdu, Alberta, September 26 and 27.

1964 First Canadian owned Vizsla to place in a U.S. Field Trial "Bakony Balatoni Kende" - Art Dechenne, Calgary - 1st Puppy Stakes, Montana GSHP Trial, 16 entries.

1964 First Vizsla to win highest scoring dog in Obedience Trial - "Bakony Betyar Dorka" - Edmonton - Doug Painter, Edmonton.

1965 first Vizsla CKC Field Trial Champion - "Ch Rigo von Klein" - Eugene Klein, Vancouver

1965 Ch Devecseri Somloi Pushi - Mrs Elizabeth Kemenes-Kettner, Calgary - became highest point winning Vizsla in CKC shows up to that date.

1965 First Vizsla Booster Show at the Canadian National Sportsmen’s Shows - B.B. "Ch Janoras Pawlane Suntan" P.A.Wright (exhibitors from Ontario, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin).

1965 First Vizsla Field Trial in Ontario (CKC approved) - 27 entries - Fenwick, Ontario

1966 First Vizsla U.D. in Canada "Ronca’s Csibesz Jency CD, CDX, UD" Mr. & Mrs. K. Prior, B.C.

1967 First major Vizsla field trial winner in Ontario - "Napkeltei Vadasz Bundi" - 14 placements in approved trials - James G. Smillie, York, Ontario

1967 First Canadian owned Vizsla to win Best of Breed at the Vizsla Club of America National Specialty "Can/Am Ch Count Jonish Mignotte" - Elizabeth Mignotte, Exeter, Ontario

1970 First Canadian Vizsla winner at Westminster - "Can/Am Ch Napkeltei Vadasz Hiros" - Best of Winners - Jean and Nick Regan, Carleton Place, Ontario

1970 First Vizsla in the U.S.A. to win Best in Show - "Can/Am/Mex Ch Napkeltei Vadasz Dalos" - Wm. & Elsie Totton, California - Colorado, May 24, 1037 dogs competing.

1970 First Vizsla to win Best in Show in Canada - "Can/Am/Mex Ch Napkeltei Vadasz Dalos" - Wm & Elsie Totton, California - Kamloops, B.C., July 6 ("Danny" took 5 Group 1st and 5 Group 2nd in ten consecutive shows in two weeks, to establish the all-time high point winning for a Vizsla in Canada to date.

1970 First Canadian Vizsla to place in VCOA National Trial - "Papai Bakony Ferko" - 4th in Open Puppy - Wm Robson, St. Catharines, Ontario.

1976 Vizsla Society of Canada formed with open national membership - Thomas Sugar, Toronto, first President.

1976 Vizsla Voice started as the newsletter of the VSC - Myra Sugar, Toronto, first Editor

1976 first VSC Booster Show, Canadian National Sportsmen’s Shows - "Can/Am Ch Napkeltei Bajos Perri" Best of Breed - W.Jean Dodds, Albany, N.Y.

1976 First Vizsla in Canada & U.S. to win Prize I, NAVHDA - "Yeona" - Ray Rowan, Scarboro

That’s all I have researched up to now, folks. I think you’ll have to agree that we’ve got a lot to live up to and some real targets to aim for in the years ahead. I really would appreciate additional "Firsts" to add to my list. "Seconds" have been deliberately omitted as one could go on and on right down to every show and trial in the past 24 years of Vizslas in Canada. However, items of which I am unaware and of which I possess no record, would be appreciated. At some later date, I would like to travel, research and write a more complete history of our breed in Canada and anything you can contribute would help.

Editor’s Note: I don’t think Dr. Wright got to complete his history of the breed in Canada. In fact, I’ve been told that much of his data was destroyed after his death. Fortunately some survived, such as this interesting article.


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