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Hector and the TV Repairman

by Jane Shong

The year is 1962 (anyone old enough to remember that be sure you're taking your Geritol). It is a small midwest farm town. The "Leave it to Beaver" kind of place where no one locks their doors and kids wander in and out of everyones homes at will. People gather at friends home for social events and no one worries about walking in the dark. Hector is in his prime...big, red, bold, and beautiful. He hangs out on the couch, sleeps in my bed, plays with the neighborhood kids, and is my parents pride and joy as a hunting dog. Hector loves everyone and my Dad laughingly says he'd WATCH a burglar take the silver....and probably show him where it was to boot.

My parents friends include the folks who own the TV store in town. They have been over a zillion times to play cards or have a barbeque. Hector knows them very well and like everyone else seem to love them ,too. Then one day the TV went on the fritz. Dad called his friend and it was arranged for him to come over and fix it. No one would be home but Hector, but not to worry cause they're friends. The TV guy was to just let himself in and go to work. And he did.

Hector greeted him like a best friend and then sat down and watched him work on the TV. After a while the guy decided he was going to have to take the set into the shop and picked it up(Remember ...this is 1962 and TVs are those big console things that weighed ten thousand pounds.) and headed for the door. At this point Hector said...NO YOU DON'T. It was Ok to be there with no one home. It was OK to tinker with the TV. It was NOT OK to try and leave with anything you didn't bring in with you in the first place.

At this point Hector simply got up and attached himself to the seat of the guys pants and sat down. The TV repairman was going no where. He couldn't even set the TV down. All he could do was stand the with a very heavy armful of TV set and a very adamant Vizslas stuck to his butt. Fortunately, is was not very long before us kids came home form school and rescued the poor guy. As soon as we walked in the door Hec let go of the man and was his best friend again. He had in no way injured the guy...meerly STOPPED him from removing what was not his.

So if anyone really believes their V will not guard hearth and home.........remember Hector and the TV Repairman.

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